Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Baller: Trey Patterson (Part II)

What’s up everyone, Trey Patterson here once again!

To start my week off, on Sunday, I went to Crystal Springs waterpark, with a couple of my friends to relax, and have fun, like normal kids do, before starting my hectic week ahead. 

On Monday I started another full week of basketball camp at Rutgers Prep. It was fun and a hardworking camp just like last week.  At this week’s camp, there was slightly a larger amount of older kids so the competition was pretty decent, which gave me an opportunity to test my skills against older and stronger players.  The camp main focus this week was on increasing your knowledge in a team setting such as pick & rolls and back door cuts.

After a full day of camp on Tuesday, I went home and relaxed for a few hours before going to workout once again, on my individual skills at the Basketball Warehouse.  The focus at the Basketball Warehouse is to build your skills and confidence while improving your ball handling, passing, shooting and mental toughness.  I like these workouts because they are very intense and the trainers force you to work hard to improve and get better.

To start my weekend, Friday night, I slept over one of my teammates house. We had a great time laughing and joking over old team photos from over the years. 

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to the Karl Anthony-Towns camp in Edison, NJ. He was the 2015 NBA #1 draft pick and he is from New Jersey.  I really enjoyed the camp, and it’s nice to see Karl give back to the kids of his home state.  What I really enjoyed most, was being able to play Karl 1 on 1.  Karl gives hope to NJ kids like myself, that maybe one day, that could be me. I just have to keep working hard and the Sky is the Limit.  Karl showed us drills and stretches that they do in the NBA to warm-up.  After the first day of camp, a couple of my teammates and I, ate lunch with Karl Towns and his father at a local pizzeria, which was really cool.  Karl is a very fun and outgoing person. He acts like he’s my age because he is so playful.

To end my weekend, my dad took me to my uncle’s house to swim with my family and friends.

I’m looking forward to attending the CP3 camp in Atlanta, this upcoming weekend…

See You Next Time,
Trey Patterson

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Friday, July 24, 2015

John Mobley Jr. - So Young But Yet So Good

The cream of the crop in the class of 2024; John Mobley Jr. is an anomaly – he is quite frankly one of the most talented youth players we have seen at this same stage.  The kids approach to the game from a training, preparation, a dedication standpoint is unmatched and must be respected even by basketball most serious and talented members.

With swag personified he is fearless in his on the court approach and can hurt you anywhere on the floor.  More than a scorer his vision and “make the right play” decision making prowess makes him even harder to guard than a young “bucket chaser” – he understands already the value of making those around him better.  As well he is a committed defender who will get up in you baseline to baseline.  

Offensively he is a stud and must be guarded closely anytime the ball is in his hand, the efficiency with which he plays is better than some top HS players – note the use of the two and three dribble moves into shots.  The space creation, the catch and shoot; he has the entire package and he knows it.  His workout regime isn’t pro level; he is working out with the pro seeing and doing what they are doing in the gym. 

Without question Mobley is the national measuring stick for the class of 2024 and it has been rumored that his next national appearance will be in the Maryland area at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, coming off his 7th place finish in 5th GRADE NATIONALS.  For those that want to see him live this may be your opportunity for those that can’t we have obtained footage from a recent camp where you can see his full skill set on display.  

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Monday, July 20, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Baller: Trey Patterson

P2Bball.com has the opportunity to watch and evaluate many of the top players throughout the country; our Day in the Life of a Baller is a multi-part series that features a personal firsthand viewpoint look in to the life of some of the top players in the country.  Please join us in getting to New Jerseys own Trey Patterson as he battles for the nations #1 spot in the class of 2021 – he is currently rated the #3 player in the class but after a stellar year we expect things to be looking up for the all-world wing – Please allow us to introduce Mr. Trey Patterson:


What’s up everyone, my name is Trey Patterson, I’m from Somerset, NJ. I am a Rising 7th Grader in the Class of 2021.  I’m 6’5 and a wing forward. At the end of my AAU season, my team (Team Izod) went to the NYBL Championship Weekend. Even though we were under-manned with 6 players, we still handled our business out in Ohio.  My highlight game of the weekend was the Elite 8 game against Team Teague where I had 15 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists, plus padding my stats with the buzzer beater game winning shot to advance us on the Final Four.   

Unfortunately, we lost a close one to S Elite, which was a very good team that got the upper hand that game.  At end the NYBL season, we finished 4th. My teammates played hard the whole weekend such as Al-Fatir Connor(NJ), Tristian Jeffries(NJ), Malik Edwards(PA), Justice Williams(PA) and Khalil Brantley(PA). 

Trey with Montverde's Head Coach Kevin Boyle

To start off my summer, I went to the Kevin Boyle Point Guard Camp in Poconos, PA. It was good to see Coach Boyle again after he moved to Florida to coach Montverde Academy. I had a lot of fun at the camp with friends and learning new skills. It was very fun and competitive.   Coach Boyle was very impressed with me since he hasn’t seen me play since he held his camps in New Jersey a few years back.

To prepare for the CP3 camp in a couple of weeks, I have been going to my school’s basketball camp, which was a shooting and skills development camp.   The high school varsity coach, Alex Mahony runs the camp at Rutgers Prep. The camp was really fun and intense.  Coach Mahony stresses working hard, while also having fun and mingle with your friends.  

I also have been going to physical therapy twice a week, because in the winter, I had a serious hip injury caused by my rapid growth of 4 inches, in a short period of time.   But now, I just go to therapy to increase my strength and conditioning. 

See You Next Week,
Trey Patterson

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

AAU Action is Fantastic - Replay of National Championship Final 4 Game (Melo vs. Gauchos)

13U AAU National Game of Tournament 
Team Melo 67 vs. NY Gauchos 65

The game between the NY Gauchos and National Championship Runner-Up Team Melo had all the elements that qualify it as a top game of the event.

I.                 Star Power – Multiple Nationally Ranked Players Competing on the Highest Level
II.                 Multiple Lead Changes – No team led by more than 6-points the entirety of the game
III.               Intensity – There is no love lost between these two squads on the court or in the stands
IV.              Last Second Heroics – Game comes down to the very last possession which was   proceeded by a game winning shot attempt and game changing turnover
V.                Game Implications – This is the National Final 4 Match-Up with the winner heading to the Championship

Congratulations to both squads as Team Melo finishes #2 in the Country and the talented NY Gauchos finish as the country’s #3 team.  They gave the nation a championship caliber performance that no one will forget for a long time to come!    

First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Forth Quarter