Monday, June 22, 2015

Middle School All-American Basketball Game - The Selection Process of the Nations Very Best Players

It what will become the standard barer for the best in Middle School Basketball the Middle School All-American game consist of the top players in their respective age groups in the country. Schedule for August 21st 2015 in Maryland; players who appear on the rosters of these teams are certified as the best of best by numerous sources and will become a part of history for years to come.

The game itself is modeled after some of the nations top high school all star games such as the McDonald's All-American Game, the Jordan Brand Classic, and the Kentucky Derby.

Many have made inquiries as to the Selection Process and has obtained the entire process for the country to review.

In the Beginning

The initial list of potential names is gathered by multiple ranking services staff and personnel, potential player names are submitted by members of the Selection Committee as well as various camp and tournament directors who religiously follow the local and national landscape.

In addition communication lines are constantly open between top trainers and skill developers throughout the country; who are also able to nominate players throughout the nation. Finally performance in major leagues, tournaments, and camps is also considered in the nomination process.

The Team Selection Process

The voting process for the Middle School All American Team directly incorporates and is comprised by some of the most knowledgeable analysts, scouts, reporters, and over all basketball minds – some of the most prestigious in the middle school game.

Ballots are provided to each member of the committee consisting of a formal compilation of 150 of the nation’s top ranked players. It is requested that any committee member add any additional name that they feel are deserving to the list of finalist and such are forwarded to the other committee members.

After processing the first set of ballots, a second ballot containing the aforementioned names plus the additions are provided to the Selection Committee where they are requested to narrow their selection to the top 40 players in their respective age group – players are never ranked per the list provided. Upon receipt of the returned ballots, a final top 100 list is established. It is from the composition of this list that players will finally be considered for the Middle School All-American game.

The next ballot requires the committee members to reduce their previous top 40 listing to a listing consisting of the top 20 players. If a player at this juncture does not receive a vote from any committee member their names are consequently removed from any future rounds of voting and will no longer appear on future ballots.

The fourth ballot that is received by committee members request the recipient create their own “Middle School All-American” team consisting of point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards, and centers. The votes are weighted from top to bottom with the players receiving the most votes being at the top. The top 20 vote getter's are then selected placed on two separate teams to compete against each other on one of the biggest stages in the country. Annually there will be two slots per team available that may be used for “good of the game candidates” who are determined only by the committee Chair Person.

After selection is completed players are contacted and commitments are received the Middle School All-American Game participants are announced to the nation.

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