Thursday, June 25, 2015

Warriors Come Out & Play: The Return of the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp is Upon Us

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp has announced its return to the DC Metropolitan area for another year.  Phenom Camp is where the top middle and grammar school players  flex their muscles and take their game to the next level.  Under the watchful eye of Mike Melton, each player’s skills are crafted and refined by the best coaches and trainers in the nation. 

Every year that players step into the gym at the annual Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp the most elite players in the country are pushed to the limit against the toughest competition they’ve ever faced. This is where the alpha dogs emerge to create their own destiny and receive their national ranking.

The camp has consistently proven its dedication to developing the player’s potential through superior skill instruction, honest evaluation, and unprecedented exposure. 

Prior to last year the names of Khoi Thurmon and Jalen Newhouse were known throughout their respective area’s – after tearing up Basketball Spotlights Future Phenom Camp they are national names and top ranked players on every ranking board in the country.  The value of the camp isn’t the creation of stars it’s the introduction and proliferation of those stars to the world.

Khoi Thurmon #1 in country 2023

Jalen Newhouse #2 in Country 2023

They don’t create stars they simply introduce them to the world.  Players who can handle this level of competition and are ready for such an introduction should be in attendance August 22nd & 23rd 2015.

If you have game Basketball Spotlight want you to CLICK BELOW and be in attendance for this opportunity – and its staff will be there and YES national ranking will be on the line!

bTB Got the Nation on Watch

As the game of basketball continues to evolve bout That Basketball (bTB) coming out of the state of California has the nation on watch. Lead by a Los Angeles playground legend who famously  scored quadruple doubles and averaged nearly a triple double during his career in the Valley at Monroe High School while taking his talents to the college level “Coach Kenyatta Niles” has successfully built a youth basketball powerhouse program from the game that saved his LIFE. Referred to as Coach Yatta, Niles is the founder of bTB that is focused on teaching the game the right way at an early age. Modeling his program off his Monroe High School up tempo Championship run 1990’s team, his 9u team is climbing the WestCoast Elite rankings at a record pace. In just six months he has orchestrated his D1 9u team 18 spots on the WestCoast ranking  to number #12 on the WestCoast. After recently defeating the #8 team Pro-Skills twice in the Cavs Summer Classic they are predicted to reach Top 5 on the WestCoast when the updated ranking comes out. Niles credits the ability to influence his team to bye into the “WE not Me” concept with a hard nose chain link style defense along with a run and gun style offense for his 9u D1 team success. All of this and still bTB is credited with being the Nations 1st Non Profit Co-ed Youth Sports Program who uses Basketball as a vehicle to introduce Aquaponics (symbiotic relationship between animals & plants) to children 5-17 years of age.

Already a very good team Coach Yatta felt the addition of an elite point guard was the missing link to taking his team to the National level.  As game recognize game he heavily recruited one of the top point guards in the nation and got more than what he bargained for in Timothy Anderson. After leading his Las Vegas Dream Team to a Championship win over the #4 ranked 9u team on the Westcoast, Westcoast Rebels in the Fab 48 December 2014 in Las Vegas NV ,the Anderson Camp inked a deal with bTB and the rest is history. 

Timmy Anderson
Doubters and some critics say grammar school ranking does not matter but this youngster resume proves them all wrong and quickly transforms haters into fans. Timothy “BIG SHOT” Anderson just 8 years old 2nd grade is the #13 ranked National player in the class of 2024. Observing and modeling  the work of his big brother Top 100 2020 National rank Tommy Anderson, Timmy plays the game the right way far beyond his years understanding early on what it takes to become elite.  With a resume that out shines a lot of his peers that include Basketball Spot light Phenom 2014 Mr. Hustle Award, Basketball Spot light Phenom 2014 Top 20 All Star, Las Vegas Big Time Hoop Talent Elite Camp 9u MVP, United States Basketball Association Elite Camp 9u MVP, San DiegoTop Gun All Tournament Team, USA All Tournament Team and USA Grammar Select Team Champion under the tutelage of Legendary Coach Francis. All of this playing up a grade against 9 and 10 year olds, he is sure to make a legitimate run at the #1 spot in the upcoming 2025 ranking after competing at this years 2015 Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp in District Heights Maryland. Throughout his career all this young baller do is and win, since joining the bTB FAMILY  in  January 2015 they have won 85% of their  games. True point guard with unselfish play and Chef Curry ball handling skills in the last 6 months playing against D1 9u competiton bTB accomplishments include: AVAC Hoyas New Year KickOff Classic 2015 CHAMPION, Las Vegas Easter Showdown  2015 RUNNER-UP, San Deigo Top Gun 2015 RUNNER-UP,  CAVS Summer Classic 2015 CHAMPIONS, Open GYM Premier Spring KickOff Classic 2015 FINAL –FOUR, and the Coca Cola Nationals FINAL-FOUR TO INCLUDE A FEW.

History tells us in order to become a National POWER CHAMPIONSHIP team you need more than 1 ALL STAR Caliber type player and an elite level supporting cast like infamous Sharkus (Marcus) dominating the paint, Killer (Nataly) smothering defense, 3D (David) knock down shot, JaDe fundamental sound play, JANNA relentless play, Hasel  Hustle play, Mathew Chef Curry eyes wired shut shot and the New Addition of a National Talent Type player Jamison McCall out of Las Vegas NV.

SoulJah NilesBey
With dreadlocks resembling the legendary Bob Marley , SoulJAH  NilesBey has a passion for the game that is scary for a player his age. He can play the one, two, three, four and yes FIVE at elite level. These attributes are unheard of for a player at only 9 years old. Looking down at most of his competitors NilesBey is long bodied while dominating the paint with the likes of a Demarcus Cousins type, along with elite ball handling skills of D-Rose and and a old school  game that can knock down the three ball similar to the likes of legendary Larry Bird. Opposing coaches go nuts trying to game plan for the guy because the chess match becomes unfair when opponents head start to resembles that of a swivel trying to figure out how to guard him. Already chosen by elite coaches to San Diego Top Gun All Tournament Team and United States Basketball Association Top 20 All Star SoulJAH NilesBey will surely show scouts and media outlets why he belongs in the National Rankings after competing in this years 2015 Basketball Spot Light Phenom camp in District Heights Maryland August 22-23. As Timothy and SoulJAH continues to lead bTB on the road to Nationals next stop  West Coast Elite 25 Championship  Event at Open Gym Premier July 3-5 2015 in Anaheim California followed by the Jam-ON-It West Coast Nationals July 16-19 in Las Vegas NV they will continue to prove why they are considered the best dynamic duo on the west side of the Atlantic. With elite coaching and the continued development of the supporting cast scouts predict bTB to be a National contender very soon. Young ballers with the goals of playing on this elite level are welcome to come sit down at the table and EAT with THE bTB Family search the elite program at for information.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Middle School All-American Basketball Game - The Selection Process of the Nations Very Best Players

It what will become the standard barer for the best in Middle School Basketball the Middle School All-American game consist of the top players in their respective age groups in the country. Schedule for August 21st 2015 in Maryland; players who appear on the rosters of these teams are certified as the best of best by numerous sources and will become a part of history for years to come.

The game itself is modeled after some of the nations top high school all star games such as the McDonald's All-American Game, the Jordan Brand Classic, and the Kentucky Derby.

Many have made inquiries as to the Selection Process and has obtained the entire process for the country to review.

In the Beginning

The initial list of potential names is gathered by multiple ranking services staff and personnel, potential player names are submitted by members of the Selection Committee as well as various camp and tournament directors who religiously follow the local and national landscape.

In addition communication lines are constantly open between top trainers and skill developers throughout the country; who are also able to nominate players throughout the nation. Finally performance in major leagues, tournaments, and camps is also considered in the nomination process.

The Team Selection Process

The voting process for the Middle School All American Team directly incorporates and is comprised by some of the most knowledgeable analysts, scouts, reporters, and over all basketball minds – some of the most prestigious in the middle school game.

Ballots are provided to each member of the committee consisting of a formal compilation of 150 of the nation’s top ranked players. It is requested that any committee member add any additional name that they feel are deserving to the list of finalist and such are forwarded to the other committee members.

After processing the first set of ballots, a second ballot containing the aforementioned names plus the additions are provided to the Selection Committee where they are requested to narrow their selection to the top 40 players in their respective age group – players are never ranked per the list provided. Upon receipt of the returned ballots, a final top 100 list is established. It is from the composition of this list that players will finally be considered for the Middle School All-American game.

The next ballot requires the committee members to reduce their previous top 40 listing to a listing consisting of the top 20 players. If a player at this juncture does not receive a vote from any committee member their names are consequently removed from any future rounds of voting and will no longer appear on future ballots.

The fourth ballot that is received by committee members request the recipient create their own “Middle School All-American” team consisting of point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards, and centers. The votes are weighted from top to bottom with the players receiving the most votes being at the top. The top 20 vote getter's are then selected placed on two separate teams to compete against each other on one of the biggest stages in the country. Annually there will be two slots per team available that may be used for “good of the game candidates” who are determined only by the committee Chair Person.

After selection is completed players are contacted and commitments are received the Middle School All-American Game participants are announced to the nation.

Its Getting Real: Battle Heating Up For the Nation's #1 Spot In the Class of 2020

A battle in brewing in the wild wild west; not for a tournament or a league title – not a battle for who is the best point guard, wing, or center, and not for who is the best on their respective coast even.  This battle is for who should be considered as the nation’s best players in the class of 2020. 

Shemar Morrow vs Kyree Walker

Making the storyline even more interesting is the fact that these players are housed on the very same team, play for the very same program, and recently relocated to the very same state in which they are making this noise.  

With player rankings beginning to be discussed by many circles this is a question that must be considered not just in the class of 2020, but for classes throughout the nation.  With the season winding down for many programs, camp performances and All-Star game performances will be the final opportunity for many to make an impression.

Think this easy check out recent performances by both Morrow and Walker and leave your comment in the comment section with your “vote”.

Shemar Morrow the nation current #1 player in the class; is a long and freakishly athletic guard that excels in transition with his ability to attack the tin and finish above the rim with ease and flare. Morrow is terrific at making plays off the dribble especially inside the arc, shows an excellent mid-range game especially off the bounce, and is also one of the best rebounders regardless of position - possessing one of the quickest second jumps in the country.

Kyree Walker the nation’s current #9 ranked player, took last year’s ranking as a personal disrespect and vowed to stay in the gym to prove to the country he was who he said he was.  Walker recently advised that he was the best player on the court in a game consisting of over 60% of the nation’s top 10 players.  While Walker plays a lot of PG for the Soldiers we project him as a smooth, versatile, skilled wing who is very quickly mastering the art of the middle game. He finishes the break with size and length while he displays the ability to hit the floater with touch and body control.   His handle, passing, and court vision make him a threat anywhere on the floor and the area where Walker has shown the most improvement and allowed him to enter the conversation as the very best, is his constantly improving basketball IQ.

With the 2015 ranking just a few weeks away, one of the best places to earn a national reputation will be at the August 22nd and 23rd Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp (click the photo below for more information); the camp that brought in over 300 of the nations top players in 2014 had in attendance many of the country’s #1 ranked players and some were created on the floors of this camp by proving it where it counts  on the court.

Who will be the next #1 player(s) in the country?  Only time will tell and will be there every step of the way to report!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Khalil Brantley & Brooklyn Vick: They Be Ballin' (Exclusive Mixtape Release Party)

Khalil Brantley one of the top prospects in the 2021 class out of Georgia is a beastly point guard prospect who has tremendous strength, quickness, and speed. He has a stocky build and possesses solid length, strong and active hands, and he is an exceptional athlete. He pushes the ball well in transition, kicks out passes in a timely manner, and he scores it well from all levels and has a creative finishing package which includes pull-ups and floaters. Recently he had the full package on display this past weekend at the invitation only Under Amour Best of the Best Camp were he proved he is one of the top guys, period, in the class.

Prior to that Brantley had a sensational summer on the NYBL circuit; ultimately playing a prominent role on the top seeded Worldwide Wildcats were is maturity was apparent and his ability to adjust to the size and still make an impact was evident.  There is no need to question his size frankly as Khalil Brantley proves over and over again that he can flat out get the job done.   

Don't take our word for it - check out his latest mixtape right here on!

America Meet Brooklyn Vick

America meet the newest and possibly youngest hoop phenom in the country - now don't get us wrong there are lots of good ballers all over; but we said phenom.  There should be no question as to his pedigree as Brooklyn Vick out of Roanoke, Va. is the newphew of the NFL QB Michael Vick.  

 Vick impressed top national training Damin Altizer with his skill set; a trainer who works with many professional, college, and top national players.  You can see a lot of high level things in Vicks game and he has yet to hit the circuit hard.  When he pitted up against best and further sharpens his skills we feel that just like Shaqs son, Lebron's son, and a few others that his game will match his superstar relavtives fame.  
We obtained footage that has not been made availible to any other media outlet of Brooklyn Vick and you can check out below again right here at

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ten Takeaways From NYBL Championship Weekend

1. The big names made impacts and played their best games in crucial moments

2. The return of high-level point guard play was present at all three age groups 

3. 2019 class is trending in right direction for high-level players especially bigs and wing 

4.  Discussion and debate can begin for the #1 player in 2020 as Kyrie Walker & Shemar Morrow of the Oakland Soldiers take home Co-MVP honors in Championship Game

5. The best prospect in the class of Class of 2020 may currently reside in the Class of 2019 and the best of 2021 being in 2020

6. True post play and true big men who can play near the hoop exist & are being developed

7. The shoe-company’s (for all three companies) have bright future’s with teams in Final 4’s at all age groups; with NIKE Team Melo & Oakland Soldiers meeting in 2020 Final – could be a rivalry we will be watching for years to come
8. New star were born and will vie for national ranking position by earning national respect competing against the nation’s best

9. The future of the game looks bright and exciting as teams from every region of the country and Canada entered championship Sunday with a chance for the title

10. There is no other league in the country that comes close to the competition, media coverage, and talent level of the ultra-professionally ran NYBL