Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Names You Know & Need to Know: Prominent Youth Players Making Impacts Nationwide

John Mobley Jr. out of Ohio has captivated the country for the past two years with his phenomenal upside and skill set.  Many have documented their opinion that Mobley at his tender age may frankly be the most skilled and talented player that we have seen at the same point.  Without question he is and remains the #1 player in the class.  He is a joy to watch ~ not only play, but to train, to teach, Mobley is the son of a coach who just gets it and as he continues to get “it” he continues to get better and improve as he works as if he is the last guy on the bench.  It is a special luxury to youth basketball fans throughout the country to be able to watch Mobley Jr. grow; this is a story that deserves monitoring of the highest order.  Check him out below just released footage.

W.A.C.G arrived in Houston this past weekend to compete in their first NIKE EYBL Session at the 16U level.  Rumors have been running rampant that the southern program has established a direct relationship with NIKE.  Their appearance this past weekend has done nothing to dispel the real possibility that this program will be represented moving forward.  Featuring 6’9 forward Marvin Bagley Jr. who previously held the #1 spot in the P2bball.com 2018 player rankings; and who was recently offered a full ride to Kentucky University amongst others as a high school freshman and PG Tyger Campbell the #1 rated PG in the class of 2018 the W.A.C.G All Stars are 1 for 1 on the EYBL circuit.  They look poised to compete at the 17U league level after this weekend’s performance in the tournament style setting.

Team Rio National, currently sponsored by the NBA Miami Heats Mario Chalmers also showed up in Houston as they are touring the major circuit outlets advertising their goods - of which they have plentiful amount. The 2019 group arrived at the EYBL and competed at the 15U level. Size, strength, and power are provided by nationally ranked 6’9 center Tariq Ingram who is a behemoth in the middle.  The high ceiling post is your natural back to the basket center and his old school style give Rio an inside presence that can rival anyone in the country.  With two 6’4 high end, highly skilled, and high flying wings Bryan Antoine and Scottie Lewis filling the lanes and the basket they are hard to stop when they are coming at you.  After playing up successfully in the Pittsburg Jam Fest their EYBL 4-0 showing in a tournament style setting shouldn’t have been a surprise.  They had every chance of taking home the title but a flight out of Houston cause them to forgo the championship game which many believe the way they were rolling they would win. 

The #1 player in the state of Delaware Corey Barns has reappeared on the national scene looking bigger, badder, and better than ever.  Possessing one of the best motors in the country, the class of 2020 stud has been hidden from many major media outlets.  The one consistent is that whenever he appears he makes the most of his opportunities always proving that he is not only one of the best on the floor but also one of the best in the nation.  Currently ranked #42 and tending up Barns who was previously listed on the Terror Squads roster for NYBL while battling injury; made his first official appearance this weekend in Virginia.  The consummate teammate Barns does it all on the floor – a lockdown defender who seeks out the challenge of guarding the toughest guy on the floor, he can also handle and see the floor and exhibits great decision making with the rock in his hands.  He rebounds at 6’1 with any big on the floor and is a maven in transition.  Cory Barns is an ultra-athletic specimen who can impacts game on every possession and in a variety of ways. He attacks the offensive glass, finishes in transition, and is explosive around the rim. He has grown a lengthy frame with long arms and he has great feet. He plays with tenacity at both playing both 2020 and 2019 for Team Melo who is quietly adding piece after piece to their stable in the DMV area.

Marcus Johnson, son of Sonny Johnson Sr. the former Mr. Ohio Basketball and considered by Sports Illustrated to be the #7 ranked player to come out of the state of Ohio – and brother of top 10 nationally ranked Sonny Johnson Jr.; Marcus has begun to make noise of his own.  Currently only in the 1st grade, many will turn their noises and scream as to why this is even being discussed at this juncture.  Well besides the lineage which cannot be debated or argued – his cousin is “Meechie” Johnson; he is playing up not 1, not 2, but 3 age groups competing against 4th graders while being in the first.  Can we project 10 years out? No.  Can we determine 5 years from now? No.  But we would venture to guess with confidence that Marcus Johnson will be someone to watch and to keep an eye for a long time to come.  If we nail this assertion this could change opinions for decades to come with respect to the scouting of grammar school player  - if we are going to bet on anyone in the country our money is on the Ohio native Marcus Johnson see why below.

Monday, May 4, 2015



1.      New World (10-0) – Totally dominating the competition, point differential is 100-points better than next closest team. Only one team all season has come within 10 points of the DMV squad.
2.      Team Takeover (9-1) – Nine game win streak ended last game of Session 2 – as TTO fell to WCA.  Still tied for the 2nd best league record TTO maintains it position at #2.
3.   Team IZOD/Sports U (9-1) – Jumping up 4 spots from previous #7 positon fueled by a 5 game win streak, and some impressive wins over quality opponents.   
4.   West Coast Stars (8-2) -  3-2 session speaks to competition of league, record speaks to talent of team.  They remain in the conversation for top spot and will via for championship
5.       Bmore’s Finest (8-2) – Playing in toughest division, remains in striking distance of conference top spot going into Session 3.  1 point H2H lost to West Coast puts them one spot behind.
6.      S Elite (7-3) - A tough session from the group from up north drops them 2 spots – still they played everyone tough while going against some of the best teams in country record says it all
7.  .Oakland Soliders (7-3) – A .500 team when Harmon doesn’t suit up for the team; returned with some different faces overall talent looks good and may simply need seasoning.
8.   Team Teague (6-4) – Looked much better, but still went 3-2 this time out again; dominant at times and the talent is unquestioned. A team no one wants to play who could peak at right time
9.   Buckeye Prep (6-4) – They jump into the top 10 and where a call and a basket away from being 7-3.  Team is well coached and plays hard cold be a surprise team come play off time.
10. Mid-Ohio Pumas (6-4) – Well coached bunch who plays the game the right way – 2 games over .500 heading into session 3 with a comfortable schedule may have them moving up soon.


1.      Oakland Soldiers (10-0) – Continues to meet the challenges taking everyone’s best shot; Highlight reel basketball makes them entertaining as well as good.
2.      West Coast Stars (9-1) – Beat Terror Squad H2H while going 5-0 in session – team has hit stride & looks smooth on offense and tough on defense; will be a problem to deal with down the stretch
3.      Team Melo (9-1) – Terror Squad suffered tough defeat to WCA 1st game out the gate rebounded with some impressive wins going 4-0 the rest of the way.  Team has tools to be there at the end.
4.      Rip City (9-1) – This is a championship caliber team; they have the pieces, the talent, & the coaching. They have the size &  the skill, they have lost only 1 game & look better each time out
5.      Mid-Ohio Pumas (8-2) – Slowly but surely they continue to climb the ranking by simply beating the next opponent placed in front of them; they play the game the right may be surprise of league
6.      Worldwide Wildcats (8-2) – Continue to be a force to be reckoned w/ they jump 4 spots after going 5-0 record in the Session 2, they look dominant at time meat of schedule is behind them
7.      San Diego Select (7-3) – Dropped 2 games to high quality teams & still lead the league in point differential.  They are in every game they play and score the ball as well as anyone in the country
8.      God First (7-3) – A few possessions away from being 9-1, have everything it takes to make a championship run, a tough team in a tough 2020 group will be a tough out for anyone they face
9.      Team IZOD/Sports U (7-3) – Lost to #1 & #2 teams in the ranking played both tough, emotional team that lays it on the line each time out, no one wants to see this group down the stretch
10.  Ohio Basketball Club (7-3) – OBC cracks the top 10 and boast some nice size and length that is getting the job done one the court; have proved they belong & will be there in the end


1.      Team Florida (9-1) – The addition of Marquise Walker is a game changer, combined with top teams missing this session TF is positioned to acquire a top seed & make a championship run
2.      New World (9-1) – Let one slip away early in Session 2 or we’d be looking at a 10-0 squad; have the requisite pieces to compete with anyone & play with a chip on their shoulders
3.      Philly Triple Threat (9-1) – A very seasoned & talented group – they have been together for some time w/ this ranking they will not surprise anyone the remainder of the season
4.      Team Charlotte (9-1) – A very tough team who believes in playing defense, they have a super star who can carry the team for stretches plus the size and make up you look for in a contender
5.      Butler Elite (9-1) – One of the best shooting teams in the league, they move the ball well & execute to get what they want w/ a 6’9 lane clogger & finisher in middle they’re in conversation
6.      Bmore’s Finest (8-2) – James Bishop leads a talented bunch whose primary focus is on winning by any means necessary; very selfless team who plays for each other fun to watch not to play
7.      Team Rio National (5-5) – Missed session per rules received 5 loses – still a top 10 team without question
8.      DC Premier (5-5) - Missed session per rules received 5 loses – still a top 10 team without question
9.      Garner Road (9-1) – Shoots the ball well from the perimeter, gets the most out of its players maximizing talent – they play with passion & effort it shows in their record
10.  West Coast Stars (8-2) – They get up & down turning the game into a track meet; they are style and substance and when knocking down the outside shot they are very tough to beat