Tuesday, February 10, 2015

P2bball.com Invitational Tournament - Names to Remember:

Durral “Phat Phat” Brooks (USA National Select) – Five position effectiveness, game changing overall skill set.  Can do it all at this level, size and physical make-up give him long term viability.

Jaylen Surreal (RoRo Road Runners) – Those who understand, understand developmental mile stones – the pace in growth and IQ when combined with both short and long range ability Surreal is in the conversation.

Cidney "CJ" Johnson (Columbia Ravens) – For the immediate future and beyond size and physical attributes will play a factor in elite player determination.  When those non- controllable measurements are put aside and skill equated into the situation - game changers will possess CJ’s two influence in both categories. 

Ra'Heim Sanders (Orlando Jayhawks) – You join a top 5 team in the country, you enter the starting line-up, you document your impact by leading the team in scoring and rebounds with consistency you get the attention of the scouts in the building.  Meet Mr. Sanders, you have our undivided attention. 

Zach Blackwell (Team Silk) – Defenses gear to stop you, clear allocation of shots, isolation responsibilities – all meet with success?  Blackwell in a very challenging team weekend showed he is capable of making not only an impact but a difference to team success causes us to keep an eye on the prize out Bmore.

Albert Jackson (Maryland Playmakers) –Not only a special player on his own team – Jackson will be one of the difference makers at the high school level and possibly beyond.  He clearly separates himself on multiple levels and will be heard from in the future – our scouts feel very strongly on this one.

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