Monday, February 2, 2015 Invitational Tournament - Offensive Assassins: Hands Down Man Down

Big time players, make big time shots, in big time games.  The following players gave super and scintillating performances scoring the rock during the Invitational Tournament. Even with the game on the line and defenses designed to stop them they still provided their respective teams with “Prolific Performances” wowing the crowd as well as our scouts in attendance.

There are many other aspects to the game of hoops but scoring is an essential element as these players gave us some unforgettable shows!

Congratulations to all players making the list we can wait to see you on the circuit and back here next year!

Zion Harmon – Team Glory (2021)                   35 Points 

Zion Harmon – Team Glory (2021)                   34 Points 

Andrew Rhuebottom–Team Durant (North)     32 Points 
Christian Moore – Bmore’s Finest (2021)         29 Points

Jalen Hall – New World (2021)                         25 Points

Zach Blackwell – Team Silk (2020)                   23 Points

Isaiah Marshall – Detroit Doughboys (2024)     22 Points

Zion Harmon – Team Glory (2021)                   21 Points

 “Ziggy” Reid – Baltimore Orange (2019)        20 Points 

Jerry Easter – USA National Select (2024)      20 Points 

Rodney Rice – Team Takeover (2021)             20 Points

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