Monday, February 2, 2015 Invitational Tournament 6th Grade Champions: New World AKA "The Lynch Mobb"

Its a New World After All
The nation can no longer deny the presence of the 2022 New World Squad.  With top national talent in the building no one was messing with "The Lynch Mobb"  as they took the championship 52-45, we clearly may be looking at the #1 team country America.


  1. The majority of the kids on this team with the exception of two are reclasses so I don't think you can call them the #1 6th grade team in the Country under the new AAU rules. Their best player, Jay Hall, is a true 6th grader. All of the guards are reclasses.

    1. I agree with you 100%. How can you respect the win when your playing down for press clippings. Play your true grade or age.
      I think we should challenge or kids. Congrats on the win you are the dominant "6TH grade" team.