Tuesday, February 10, 2015

King Street Kings best Terror Squad, Ends Streak at 39

The longest win streak of the young season so far has reached its end. The King Street Kings out of New York defeated the star-studded Terror Squad on Sunday afternoon at the Basketball Spotlight Winter Warz to stop their 39-game winning streak. The Terror Squad had not lost since their inception. 

The outcome remained in doubt throughout the contest in a game where both teams looked to gain an advantage in the half-court.   Elijah Evert contributed heavily to KSK’s offensive output, while his partners in the interior, 6’7 bookend bigs, made it tough sledding for TTS matching them for rebounds whiles causing problems at the tin challenging each shot that came in the paint.   TTS who found itself down by 4,3, and 2 points late came back each time.  Trying it at 41 a piece off a steal and finish by AJ Hoggard.  After going down by two on the next possession Jordan Toles who was fouled intentionally was smart enough to get the ball to the basket - he then went to the line and knocked down two crucial free throws to tie the game - setting up the last second heroics as KSK made a catch and shot as time expired to win 46-44.

The Terror Squads struggles in the contest point to very specific issues that must be addressed down the road.  Their usual strength their 47% FG percentage, was not present this time round as they shot just 38.8% and hit less than 45% from the free throw line - not a deplorable conversion rate but not the standard TTS has displayed throughout.  With less than 8 assist on close to 19 made field goals TTS did not move the ball to their typically high standard.

According to team officials the biggest reason for the loss was likely on the defensive end – TTS’s Coach Francis commented “…it’s my job to make sure we are ready to play at the highest level each time out; in this instance I failed – at the end of the day we didn’t do what it took to win and credit has to be given to KSK for having a solid game plan and executing it.  We congratulate them on their championship run and most importantly look forward to competing with them in the future.  They won with class.” 

Nevertheless, a single loss after 39 straight wins should not be significant cause for alarm. At 39-1, the Terror squad still boasts an exceptional record by any standard. It is best to focus on what the Terror Squad accomplished over their fantastic streak and not that they failed to extend it to an even 40 games.

The final totals are impressive. TTS won those 39 games by an average of 18.4 points. This streak did not feel like peak performance as much as it did a coming out party for a newly formed team.  TTS is not invincible when they don’t bring their A-Game, but they still look pretty darn impressive – everyone is still on notice but now they must pay attention to that NYC squad too, the King Street Kings, who went on to defeat the PSA Cardinals in the championship 66-54.  The season is just heating up and one thing is clear; you are only as good as your last win – whoever said no one pays attention to middle school hoops is dead wrong.

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  1. King Street Kings is from North NJ not NY