Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Julian Newman (FL) & Jerry Easter II (OH) - The J's Know What it Takes to Make Their Hoop Dreams Come True

Over the years we have seen many players who have dreams of going on to be successful in basketball. What success means is a major question in itself. Let's just say, in a basketball sense, it means being the best player you can be. That could mean playing on the junior high school team, playing on the high school team, going beyond that level, or just being a good player in the summer league. It's all relative.

Julian Newman is one of those players who wants to be the best he can be – he has the essential “passion for the game”. Maybe that is an overused word, but it is true. Why? Because basketball is a game of immense skill and takes hard work and dedication - most people have to do more than just "shoot around." You have to love the game to put in the necessary work.  For Newman it is clear that he knows what it takes to make it to the next level and he clearly has the love; checkout his intense training session to understand what is being done even at the 2020 level to get better.  The top players in this game will change over the years due to many reasons – height, length; but primarily it will be effected by how hard you work and train in the gym.

Jerry Easter who recently suited up for USA National Select and won the MVP for the 2024 age group at the Invitational Tournament -  at his young age is able to articulate his dreams for the future - the hardest part-"practice, practice, practice." The more you practice and train, the better you'll perform on the court. When you step into the gym do so with a purpose. Break the game down into skills you need to improve on and the skills you are good at. Work on improving your weaknesses and work at really making those skills you are good at greater.

Meeting Jerry, you will quickly learn that he is a unique player as well as person – he’s not your average 3rd grader.  The mental approach to the game and the vision for his own future and the understanding on how to reach it also falls into our predictions for future success.  Check out a recent interview with Jerry Jr. we clearly were not the first one to figure this out.

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