Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Sleeper Alert Class of 2019: Daniels, Vazquez, & Ross

We notice two major talents and standouts this past weekend at the popular MLK Tournament. The 2019 I-10 Celtics defeated some high level teams in route to their championship.

I-10 Celtics 2019 PGs Jonathan Daniels & Josh Vazquez matched up with top guards such as Nico Mannion, Lucas Hobbs, EJ Jackson, Jovan McClanahan, Jaden McClanahan, & Jovan Blacksher more than holding there own.

2019 Jonathan Daniels 5'9 PG:
Jonathan Daniels has been playing phenomenal against high level guards. Daniels is a pass first PG, but can score at will. His coach Julius V. stated that "his scoring ability is comparable to NBA player Jason Terry".   He get's it done behind the arc and can get to and finish at the cup. At 5'9 Daniels has a very efficient jump shot off the dribble to go along with his float game in the paint or from the baseline attack. The fact that Daniels is a pass first point guard, but can score the ball was very impressive. Jonathan see the floor well and operates with a very impressive assist to turnover ratio.

2019 Josh Vazquez 5'11 PG:

Josh Vazquez shoots the leather of the ball. There is not a spot or scenario on the court that Vazquez struggles from when it comes to shootings - he has in the gym range. He can work  off the dribble, on and off ball screens, and can catch and shoot. With very long arms his basketball frame is part of the reason he is one of the best rebounders in the country at his position. His length also allows him to play the passing lanes. A high IQ player, his IQ is one that is rare for any basketball player regardless of grade or age. Tough to guard he will shoot it from NBA line or draw the defense off the dribble to get his teammates involved.

Daniels and Vazquez club team also consist of 6'7 Wing Isaiah Mobley, 6'6 PF Solomon Davis, 6'3 SG Jaime Jaquez, and 6'4 Wing Elijah Scranton. We can't wait to see both PGs at the Invitational Tournament, the national forum which certifies a players status as one of the nations best.


Jordan Ross:  It might be time to consider Ross as one of the best PG's in the nation for the 2023 class. Ross is a silky smooth lefty with a nice handle. He is a high volume scorer with a very nice jump shot off the catch and dribble. The savvy PG is very good in pick and roll action and plays on both ends of the floor. A very good on ball defender with quick instincts -it's a lot of fun watching Jordan Ross get after it. As a PG, he makes the game exciting, but still plays the game the right way. Jordan had a really good showing at the recent King of Kings Camp in Los Angeles, California. He matched up against some top guards in the 2022 and 2021 class. Jordan Ross was 1 of 4 players in the invite only camp out of the 2023 class.

West Coast's top PG will be playing with I-10 Celtics 2023 team. Along with national studs Jalen Newhouse, Roman Stewart, and Kai Davis also play on the I-10 Celtics along with Ross.

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