Thursday, November 27, 2014

Agame Supershootout 2021 Class - A Changing of the Guard, Its a New World After All

Tons of excitement in the 6th grade age group with a group of young and emerging stars taking center stage, below are some of the standouts that we found during the event.

New World (2021) 6th Grade Champion Agame Super Shootout

Jalen Hall (New World) – Has all the goods size, length, skill, and lineage – all of which were on display in the Agame Supershootout.   Leading his team to the chip Hall showed why he is highly regarded nationally.  He dominated in the paint, impressed from the mid-range, and showed prowess from beyond the stripe.  Combine this with a championship run and you understand why he makes this list.

Zion Harmon (Unlimited Glory)– If there is a top player list and this kid is in the gym, you already know.  Continues to dominate in every way imaginable – again he could not be contained offensively and made light work of anyone attempting to challenge him.  One of most impressive aspect that only hoop insiders may know is that Harmon is the definition of condition, playing multiple games at 3 grade levels but still having enough in the tank to play at an All-Star level in leading Unlimited Glory to the Semi-Final.

Donnell Harris (Hilltoppers) – May have been the surprise of the day when Harris walked into the gym off the plane from Miami, Florida to join the group from NY/NJ.  Once he suited up the nation’s top rated post man put on a display that only solidified his position as the top big in the country.  He blocked anything and everything, finished around the basket, and often looked like the best player on the floor for long stretches.  Has a unique skill set and is more versatile than at first sight – was special in transition and flat out got the job done throughout the event. 

Brayon Freeman (New World)– The reclass has allowed Freeman to really expand his game and this weekend he played a well-rounded floor game.  We caught Freeman knocking down jump shots from various spots of the court off the catch, dribble, and pin down – he was flat out tough to guard.  What we liked most was seeing him mix it up in the paint and his effort on defense.  His team has a lot of pieces that mix well together and Freeman is one of the major ones.

Elijah Hawkins (New World) – For years the diminutive PG has played on high level teams on big   Hawkins experience was clearly seen as he affected the game in many ways; mainly he insured that all the big dogs ate and that the little dogs were put in winning positions.  A water bug with the ball, he probes, he darts, and he make things happy – great vision and a heart that is as big as any Hawkins was a joy to watch all weekend.
stages at major events.

Jayden Pierre (Hilltoppers) – Pressed the paint and was a terror of the defensive end, handle has improved and seeing him perform at a high level against elite level competition solidifies his position as a top player.  A little bit of show time comes with this guy and we had our popcorn ready while watching him, he didn’t disappoint ~ even with the hype and a top notch running mate Pierre still used those around him to make the game easier for him and he took advantage in route to a second place finish.

Al-Fatir Connor (Hilltoppers) – Old school PG characteristics with new school talent; really enjoyed watching him perform all weekend – found spots to do all he could, scored, passed , defended at a high level.  With Al he already knows how to play within himself and performs extremely well as a two level player; displayed all the tools of a high end lead guard and must be considered as such.  

Jalen Miller (Md. Playmakers) – Will be one of the top kids in this class before it’s all said and done.  Displayed an array of skills that screamed high level guard – loved his IQ, his size and strength, and the completeness of his game at a young; in watching Miller it was clear that he could drop 30 points anytime he wanted.  Instead he made the right basketball play looking for teammates, setting them up, and playing hard and effectively on both ends of the court.  Should we say Miller is a player that needs to be more selfish?  When/if he does this under the radar star will burst onto the screen in a very big way.

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