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Agame Supershootout 2022: Young Ballers Take Center Stage and Steal the Show

2022 5th Grade Champions: Devin Dinkins, Dylan Williams,Jacoi Hutchinson,Jaden Johnson,Jared Turner,Jason Moore,Kennard Davis,Travis Vaughn,Antonio Hamlin,Wiz Rogers

A talented bunch of young baller's brought their "A" games to the Supershootout and put on a show - here are some of the standouts from the weekend!

Jaden Johnson (Elite Coalition) – Was not challenged the entire weekend from a team or individual standpoint Johnson had his way and made his way leading his squad to the championship.  Finished in the paint constantly with an array of finishing moves – a baby Mitch Richmond did it from all over the floor displaying easily the talent that made him the #1 player in the country.

Doug McDaniel (Havoc City) – Beside his running mate Ferrell Crowell McDaniel simply didn’t have enough support around him to achieve team success.  In his role as the lead guard for newly formed Havoc City he shined brightly displaying the well-known handle and distribution ability that has made him a household name.  The one man press breaker and supreme ball-handler excelled on the highest level.  Facing double team at times made it tough on him but he still excelled – the next step for Lil Doug is adding  elite level scoring; with the current roster its all on his shoulders to win.

Jorace Walker (Baltimore Finest) - First exposure to the bigtime tournament and the stage wasn’t even close to being too big.  Walker found his spots and displayed star qualities along the way; excellent on the boards he brought toughness to every possession.  Loved his finishing ability and play in transition – had a tough time getting the ball in scoring positions from his team but made the most of his opportunities when he did.  Clearly a very special player who got better after each game.


Antonio Hamlin (Elite Coalition) – Love the tools, physically, mentally, and of course skill wise.  Thinks game extremely well for a player his age, spaces the floor to pass and attack and the ability to knock down the perimeter shot made it even tougher on defenders.  Took game to the next level in transition leading the charge, facilitating, or finishing – very complete package was on display in the tournament.

Jared Turner (Elite Coalition) – Fresh face Jared Turner turned up on the scene and impressed immediately.  Worked consistently with the one dribble and two dribble pull ups; especially from the elbow area – used the jump shot to open up penetration lanes and displayed a high basketball IQ by taking advantage up.  Turner who has been used to playing on the big stage with the national champions Maryland Finest group showed he has game and versatility with a penchant for scoring the ball at a very impressive and high level.  Also used size and length to rebound, change and alter shots while playing tough defense.

Kameron Rodriguez (Riverside Hawks) – Attacking new school scoring guard the poster boy at the youth level.  As good as he is offensively he is clearly both one of the best on the ball defenders and off the ball defenders as well.  Making it even more special he gives maximum effort on both ends, his next level scoring was once again on display – but we saw some big time facilitation going; Rodriguez is growing up and expanding his game on an elite level right in front of our very eyes.

Jalen Franklin (Banneker Kings) – If it wasn’t for big time Elite Coalition squad Franklin and his team would have likely been playing in the chip.  Jalen who handles the rock and see’s the floor just as well as any player in the age group proved that he must be mentioned in the discussion as a top national guard.  With the ability to play both guard positions he was equally effective from all 3 levels as a scorer and as a facilitator.  Franklin who played the game the right way all weekend clearly showed he has the talent to take over games and did so for stretches.  Knowing how talented he is and adopting a killer instinct take Jalen to elite star status immediately. 

Jason Moore (Elite Coalition) – Does everything you want on the block, dominated as shot blacker and altered the ones he didn’t get to.  He boarded and started multiple fast breaks with pin-point outlet passes.  Great hands allowed his to catch in tight quarters and finished consistently.  Wasn’t challenge throughout the weekend as team strength didn’t allow for double teams – his footwork, ball skills, and advanced development he couldn’t be guarded one on one at this event.  Tough national talent who continues to get better each time we see him; added quickness makes him a certified problem and we see it improving.

Donovan Leak (Banneker Kings) – The consummate PG prospect – we loved his quickness with the ball and his steady role is leading the team.  Clearly see’s the court/game one to two movements ahead and uses his tools and vision to create scoring angles for himself and teammates.   Very unselfish you can see a tough future lead guard developing in front of your eyes.  Showed ability to knockdown shots beyond the stripe off catch and bounce further enhancing his value as a top guard prospect.

AJ Thomas (Unlimited Glory) – Another player most have never seen or heard of, Thomas is an attacking scoring guard who finishes well and possesses a text book picture perfect jump shot.  The ball rotation on his shot looks like a training video; the exposure to this level of play will only advance his development and we expect to be hearing things from AJ in the future.  Rebounded well and displayed a high IQ on cuts and movements; another player who must learn to take over games mentally as the skill set is there.

Christopher Scott (Banneker Kings) – A baby Klay Thompson who loves to create space to launch his jumper.  Loved his handle and attacking ability can stop on a dime and get his shot off, has a scorers game, mentality, and most importantly ability.  Great footwork from a perimeter player who already knows how to come off screens and make reads, very sophisticated and mature guard who also has good size and length.  A very natural scorer and shooter whose game can translate within multiple concepts – a tough cover because he must be accounted for anywhere inside the half court line, impressed all weekend. 

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Agame Supershootout 2021 Class - A Changing of the Guard, Its a New World After All

Tons of excitement in the 6th grade age group with a group of young and emerging stars taking center stage, below are some of the standouts that we found during the event.

New World (2021) 6th Grade Champion Agame Super Shootout

Jalen Hall (New World) – Has all the goods size, length, skill, and lineage – all of which were on display in the Agame Supershootout.   Leading his team to the chip Hall showed why he is highly regarded nationally.  He dominated in the paint, impressed from the mid-range, and showed prowess from beyond the stripe.  Combine this with a championship run and you understand why he makes this list.

Zion Harmon (Unlimited Glory)– If there is a top player list and this kid is in the gym, you already know.  Continues to dominate in every way imaginable – again he could not be contained offensively and made light work of anyone attempting to challenge him.  One of most impressive aspect that only hoop insiders may know is that Harmon is the definition of condition, playing multiple games at 3 grade levels but still having enough in the tank to play at an All-Star level in leading Unlimited Glory to the Semi-Final.

Donnell Harris (Hilltoppers) – May have been the surprise of the day when Harris walked into the gym off the plane from Miami, Florida to join the group from NY/NJ.  Once he suited up the nation’s top rated post man put on a display that only solidified his position as the top big in the country.  He blocked anything and everything, finished around the basket, and often looked like the best player on the floor for long stretches.  Has a unique skill set and is more versatile than at first sight – was special in transition and flat out got the job done throughout the event. 

Brayon Freeman (New World)– The reclass has allowed Freeman to really expand his game and this weekend he played a well-rounded floor game.  We caught Freeman knocking down jump shots from various spots of the court off the catch, dribble, and pin down – he was flat out tough to guard.  What we liked most was seeing him mix it up in the paint and his effort on defense.  His team has a lot of pieces that mix well together and Freeman is one of the major ones.

Elijah Hawkins (New World) – For years the diminutive PG has played on high level teams on big   Hawkins experience was clearly seen as he affected the game in many ways; mainly he insured that all the big dogs ate and that the little dogs were put in winning positions.  A water bug with the ball, he probes, he darts, and he make things happy – great vision and a heart that is as big as any Hawkins was a joy to watch all weekend.
stages at major events.

Jayden Pierre (Hilltoppers) – Pressed the paint and was a terror of the defensive end, handle has improved and seeing him perform at a high level against elite level competition solidifies his position as a top player.  A little bit of show time comes with this guy and we had our popcorn ready while watching him, he didn’t disappoint ~ even with the hype and a top notch running mate Pierre still used those around him to make the game easier for him and he took advantage in route to a second place finish.

Al-Fatir Connor (Hilltoppers) – Old school PG characteristics with new school talent; really enjoyed watching him perform all weekend – found spots to do all he could, scored, passed , defended at a high level.  With Al he already knows how to play within himself and performs extremely well as a two level player; displayed all the tools of a high end lead guard and must be considered as such.  

Jalen Miller (Md. Playmakers) – Will be one of the top kids in this class before it’s all said and done.  Displayed an array of skills that screamed high level guard – loved his IQ, his size and strength, and the completeness of his game at a young; in watching Miller it was clear that he could drop 30 points anytime he wanted.  Instead he made the right basketball play looking for teammates, setting them up, and playing hard and effectively on both ends of the court.  Should we say Miller is a player that needs to be more selfish?  When/if he does this under the radar star will burst onto the screen in a very big way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Montez McNeil & Robert Diaz Have Mephobia

-Slam City/Loaded

How does one of the nation’s top national prospects improve his standing? Easy, by having a monster weekend of domination against elite level competition – if anyone has forgotten about the 6’4, 12 year old Monster of the Middle Montez McNeil please allow us to be the first to remind you he is still lurking as he man’s the middle for the one of the nation’s top 2020 teams, Slam City Loaded.  McNeil lead the team to a 57-46 championship victory over Team Takeover out of Washington.

McNeil impressed in transition where he ran the floor and finished with a power and authority. He showed an increased ability to rebound well in his area and outside of it.  McNeil who has always shown great hands is now commanding post space on block and looking to eat.  A pure back to basket big that reminds you of the old school bigmen of the Georgetown Hoya’s McNeil is mean and tough and his footwork is rapidly taking him to another level in the front court.

Showing the art of a true shot blocker Montez is now attacking the ball in the air post release and his presence in the paint should require a warning to enter at your own risk.  One of the youngest players in the 2020 class McNeil has become an immediate force on the low block offensively. Always a defensive stalwart he has become adept at scoring in the paint – he is keeping the ball high and is able to finish using either hand.  This level of improvement is what the nation has feared and it is upon us – McNeil’s time is now and it’s going to be a scary tale for anyone who is trying to deal with the big and getting bigger Monster.  The kid is flat out hungry and it’s time for him to eat – he plans to feed on any player standing in his way; be afraid be very afraid.

-Inland Froggs

Diaz is an athletic true scoring guard, an explosive scorer with an array of unique finishes especially on the break.  Diaz gets the job done with a quick first step, he is dangerous off the slash and also can hurt you with his in between game and floater package.   Has shown a great ability to work off the mid-range rhythm pull up and is effective with his high arcing threes off the catch and spot up.   The multi-skilled guard is also potent as a passer and handles the rock with dexterity, we like how he uses angels and takes advantage of defenders in space.

A tough hardnosed kid who has gotten the job done on the west coast is now primed and ready to make his appearance on the national stage and vie for consideration as one of the country’s best.  Don’t let the smooth taste fool you; Diaz is a vicious competitor who wants to be the best.  He works hard on both sides of the ball and is positioned to be a major face in the middle school game as soon as he gets the job done outside of Cali.  

There is little question if Diaz will impact the class when its all said and done – its not an if its simply a when and we can’t wait for the country to know what have already found out Robert Diaz - he is a special kid and special player.

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Agame Supershootout - Epic Battles & Bigtime Talent Define 2020 Group

The 7th grade division at the Agame Supershootout had some great story-lines and some very exciting games check out 10 players who impressed with some big-time performances over the weekend.

Another Tournament another Championship - Slam City/Loaded AKA "Terror Squad" 2014 7th Grade Champions


Nathanial Tabor:  Bigtime talent who was at times unstoppable – dropped in 32 points against Team Takeover on double OT.  Carried the team in the tournament for long stretches and was a presence on the boards and defensively.  Can handle the ball very well and shot it at a high percentage, type of player you can't get enough touches as he is very effective and tough.  Has wing skills with phenomenal size and strength a player to watch moving forward.  Without question will be appearing on all national ranking boards in the future.

Joshua Christopher:  Comes in the gym shooting and looking to score, lighting quick release and unafraid to let to fly from any location. A No, no, YES! type of player who at times made the impossible look easy. Nailed 3 straight free throws with no time on the clock to send his team to OT and a victory; was tough and displayed a killer instinct - A no conscience volume scorer who produced big numbers versus the top team.  Another I10 high end machine that will appearing on all national ranking boards in the future without question - Christopher is tough and talented flat out.

 Ishmael Leggett (Team Takeover):  Leggett got loose this weekend and showed he is already in mid-season form.  Played the role of floor general at times proving he has the tools to transition to the lead guard position; ran the team well and set the tone throughout the tourney for TTO.  Took his game to another level and carried the team on his back down the stretch; team doesn’t make it anywhere near the chip without the heroics of Leggett.  Deadly FT shooter, big time shooter, and flat out did it as a pure scorer once scoring all the teams points for an 11 minutes stretch on Saturday night.  Has to be considered as one of the best scorers in the age group and the kid doesn’t even realize how good he is.  

Tyler Brelsford (Slam City/Loaded):  Turned it up and made a big statement this weekend; clearly separated himself as an elite level player in the class. Played the game with precision, poise, and passion – you can see the maturity and generalship each possession.  True PG who is showing the ability to score at a high clip; function on all 3 scoring levels this event and showed no fear in attacking the paint.  Great assist to turnover ratio, great production, great tournament for a great player.  Is going to surprise many on the circuit this season with his newfound strength and aggression ~ many already learned this weekend as Brelsford led his team to the chip.

Jordan Toles (Slam City/Loaded):  The straw the stirs the drink, Toles with the departure of all world Terrance Williams and two other contributors – the most logical place to look for increased production was the nations #4 rated player and boy ‘ole boy he didn’t disappoint.  Putting this much talent around arguable the nations best scorer is almost unfair – Toles was a consistent 5 category contributor.  He guarded the others teams top player while being a primary scorer at multiple level and literally spent time at all 5 positions looking good while doing it.  Toles saved his best for last in SCE championship victory over nationally ranked #9 Takeover  57-46 with the following Scottie Pippin like stat-line: 17pts (7-10 FG/ 1-1 3-pointers) 7 rebounds, 8 assist, 4 steals, 1 block- need we say more?

Team Scan PG #3:  Unsung hero? Star of the team? Whatever you want to call it as he goes so does the PSA Cardinals (Formerly Team Scan) – if anything goes on, on offense for the group its usually begin with him touching the rock.  Great facilitator and distributor; consistently showed great court vision and great decision making.  Looked to score a little more since the last time we saw him and he was effective off the penetration.  Great physical tools and is the type of player you want on your team.  Likely a finalist in this event if it wasn’t for their new rivals or should we say nemesis Slam City who has beat them the last 3 contest and prevented them from reaching the finals this time.  Needless to say the PSA is special and deserves to be mentioned with the events best. 

AJ Hoggard (Slam City/Loaded):  There is no real answer to stopping the bigtime PG, who wants a problem with HOGE? No one in the tournament, smaller guards he took in the paint and finished over and through them – big guards he shook created space and either shot over them or went around them.  Worked exceptionally well in the mid-range area while still making some Sports Center Top Ten Passes.  May not be anyone more dangerous in the country when probing the middle of the paint; used his skill set to make the players around him better – definition of an old school PG.  Also showed flashes of the new school PG by taking on and shouldering the scoring load for long periods – impressive and fun to watch Hoggard spearheaded and propelled Slam City to the chip.

Isaiah Todd (Slam City/Loaded):  Any plans to attempts to hide one of the nation’s top prospects regardless of class went out the window when Williams departed the team.  The Todd Show debuted in fine fashion as he put on display game after game jaw dropping skills.  The Ultra-talented and Ultra-smooth 6’7 wing displayed his versatility by handling the ball in space and in transition and finishing off the post-feed, dump off, and on the break.  He dominated on both boards and imposed his will as a shot blocker all weekend long.  Todd has clearly taken the Assassins Creed and only destroys his opponents and very well may be the most unassuming superstar in the country – the new face of SCE has them looking really good.

Isaiah Folks (023 Feet):  New star watch right here, Folks who on his previous team was more of a change of pace PG is now starting for the newly formed 023 Feet out of VA.. Folks was the heartbeat and identity for what looks to be one of the surprise teams of 2015.  He played a complete game on both ends of the floor running the team and pressing the ball on the other end.  Showed the ability to score but operated as a pass first PG.  Was impressed with the shot and range was displayed as well; anticipate that Isaiah will be appearing again as a top performer in future events as he proved that he is ready to compete on an elite level.

Cameron Byers (Slam City/Loaded):  Byers displayed this weekend what we expected to see when he announced his move to the 2020 class.  Tough physical presence with a soft touch and advance skill set – looked explosive and this made all the difference on the offensive end.  Also commanded the ball on the block and made good things happen – was solid when facing up, putting the ball on the floor and finishing.  Rebounded in and out of his space and played a very complete game in the front court.  Shot a high percentage from the field and got to the line and converted at a high clip just what you want from your interior presence.  When Byers rolled there was no answer for him in the gym at this level and as he went so did SCE.


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