Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marquise Walker Receives Major D1 Interest as 8th Grader

Marquise Walker the exceptionally talented 2019 point guard who concluded his spectacular summer with the major announcement of his attendance at Kentucky ‘s South Warren Middle School, where he plays up with their Varsity High School squad. Walkers body of work continues to earn credibility above and beyond the glitz and glamor.

 Already widely recognized as one of the top three point guard prospect in the Class of 2019; Walker has moved beyond simply being a highlight film, he has moved past the acknowledgement that Michael Jordan himself has watched his highlights, and he has moved past his appearance on ESPN’s Outside the Lines into the big boy world of college recruiting.

P2bball.com was just provided with photographic evidence of who Walker is considered to be on the national level.  There are many colleges and institutions throughout America and any interest as an 8th grader should be looked upon and considered a blessing. When that interest comes from a major university it speaks to something greater and something larger, Walker’s exceptional ball handling, ability to take any defender off the dribble, great court vision, and a quick release on the jump shot has put him on the map and watch list of the South Eastern Conferences LSU Tigers.

Marquise remains humble and focused as he understands this is simply the beginning of his journey.  He has starred in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom, suited up for USA National Select in events across the country and was a starter in the NYBL vs Nations game, as well competing at an all-star level at Buckeye Prep. Walker’s recent choices and those leading up to now prove high level athletes combine with the right events and exposure can lead out you on the path for future success.  Ask Walker if middle school basketball matters; as a matter of fact ask the LSU Tigers.

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