Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Makani Whiteside - We Won't Stop Giving LA Props

~West Coast Player Analyst 

Disrespected, doubted, and underestimated – these are some of the words associated with West Coast Super Star Makani Whiteside.  After a stellar summer on the national circuit which included appearances at West Coast Phenom Camp, John Lucas, Buckeye Prep, and concluded with a invitation and roster spot on the coveted 2019 USA National Select team led by National Team Director Coach Francis;  Whiteside has proved all his critics wrong.

In fact Makani has moved into the conversation as not only the top guard in the state; but also its top overall player. Whiteside is a point guard that can run the team and keep the defense honest with his ability to shoot the ball from 3 on a consistent basis. He pushes the ball under control and makes good decisions at high speeds and is an excellent open court passer.  Crafty and tough Whiteside’s game isn’t your typical “west coast” style of play.  He enjoys and initiates contact while pressing the paint finishing with a stylistic rapporteur of moves at the basket.  

In addition to Makani being named a Top 100 players in the nation he also was a major piece to the Nation team in Columbus, Ohio.  Consistently Whiteside has been seen playing at the high school level and against the toughest competition available.  Giving his current trajectory and physical growth pattern, Whiteside’s best days are in front of him and anyone who has doubted that Makani should be considered one of best in his class will be proven wrong in the near future.  

Do not stop giving Whiteside props, cause we won’t here at; game recognizes game and Makani has it.

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