Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Keewee" Wyatt & Jerry "Kid Dynomite" Easter - The Ohio Twenty Minute Workout

"Keewee" Wyatt, the #86 rated player in the class of 2020 has released Part I of his 2014 Mixtape Exclusively here on

The pass first PG who has become known in the Midwest and across the country for having a flair for the spectacular; is quickly becoming the consummate lead guard that will be able to run your team and increase the value of each possession.

Wyatt spent several weeks this summer on the east coast honing his skills and challenged himself by competing in the nation's top middle school league, the NYBL.

Check out his work on his latest release!

JERRY EASTER, nationally ranked #9 in class of 2024 recently jump onto the national board ranking board and into the national spotlight with some big-time talent and some big-time scoring prowess.  Often playing the lead guard position, Easter is a score first guard that will move to the upper echelon of guards once he learns to make his teammates better. 

For now we are impressed and enjoy "Kid Dynomite" dominating games for long stretches as a dynamic scorer.  Great size and length at this juncture bodes well for the future; America enjoy your first look at new 2024 sensation Jerry Easter; he's "DYNOMITE"!!!

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