Thursday, October 2, 2014

Its Possible: Top International Players Train Together at DMVelite 35 Skills Academy


Washington, DC – October 2, 2014; there are local trainers, there are national trainers, and then their Damin Altizer America’s top International clinician.  The DMVelite 35 Skills Academy which will reconvene in the Nation’s Capital on OCTOBER 18th and 19th plays host to the most documented talent base in the world – period.

The program itself is one of the most comprehensive training regimens in the industry; Altizers techniques and skill development are used by NBA, high major college players, and international club teams. 

Hundreds of kids in the gym; with claims of personal attention?  -We challenge the viability of such a theory.  DMVelite based in an area that has long dominated the basketball scene has figured it out; multiple small sessions, high repetition, and a gauntlet of regimented drills and skills.  The DMVelite 35 Skill Academy brought in players from 7 different states in a group where 80% of the players were nationally ranked on multiple boards; some of which were tops in their respective classes in the nation.

The question becomes do you want to “train” or “do you want to train with the best”?  With only 35 available slots each month this program isn’t designed for the average player and it’s clear that these training techniques are not available in other markets, hence the high concentration of player involvement from outside the DC Metro area.

Clearly, when you are in the gym with best players and the best trainer everything becomes possible!

Even with the players and parents lamenting “we are here to train, not to make a name”; major middle school media outlets have taken note; as they will be descending to the October event to capture the essence and power of the NEXT LEVEL experience and to see the nation’s top players in their rawest element in the gym, with a ball, a hoop, and no crowd.

These kids aren’t chasing tennis balls or juggling basketballs as Damin Altizer is substance over style; what’s exposure without validation?  Check the scoreboard.

The top players in the country know the truth and know who tells the story in gym; USA National Select will be there evaluating talent for inclusion on their 2015 circuit teams.  As well, and already confirmed for the next session, have you? 

Or will this be another opportunity that the top players in America take advantage of and you let pass you by? Clearly there is a reason so many ranked players were in the gym and others weren’t; the elite know where to go to get better, end of discussion.


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