Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eric Jackson II Staring in "Young & Impressive" recently dropped national rankings for the classes of 2024-2019 and amidst immense debate the nation had no other choice but to acknowledge the high level talent on all boards.  Our scouts from across the country continue to monitor the circuit looking for improvement to the players on our current boards as well as looking for the stars of the future.

In our journey from coast to coast; the responsibility of evaluating talent never stops.  One of our primary goals within the next 12 to 18 months is to identify and introduce our readers to the upcoming class of 2025 and the elite players therein.

America, meet 4’9!!!! Eric Jackson II, 2nd grader class of 2025; playing for Indiana InouGsio out of Indianapolis – Eric Jackson II has immediately grabbed our scouts attention by showing phenomenal ball handling skills, scoring prowess, and court vision.  Already looking comfortable at multiple levels we believe that we are seeing one of the top players in country in the class of 2025. specializes in projecting talent at a young age and Jackson II clearly displays the tools and skill set that we have seen in some of the nation’s elite players at the same juncture.  We are not labeling him a star of tomorrow; we are naming him a star today!

Seeing is believing; check out the video below and we are sure you will agree this is a name not only to know but to remember.


  1. Kids is older than his grade. Should be a third grader....common knowledge around the state.

  2. Wish this kid all the best , but you need to check out Team Takeover 8u/2nd grade class of 2025 team from the DMV with Harper Lewis , Jasiah Cannady and Angelo Dickerson some true young ballers that are legit class of 2025 kids.