Friday, September 5, 2014

Yes he Can. Can! - Kameron Rodriguez Steals the Show at Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp

Kameron Rodriguez:  Is a high energy athletic attacking guard that can make plays on and off the ball. He was mesmerizing the entire weekend at the Spotlight Camp.  The crowd eyeballed his every move as he became a scout and fan favorite of the weekend.  This isn’t a situation of style over substance the kid can flat out get it.  Rodriguez got to the paint on the break and finish multiple times with flare, and often without answers from the competition. He showed excellence in the open court as a passer.   

The difference and growth we saw at Spotlight from this eleite guard is that he went at the best in the country and you witnessed a pure scorer being born.  As a rhythm scorer and capable of getting massive outburst he showed his prowess by doing it in many ways and from many places.  He was terrific at making plays off the dribble especially in the arc with a very consistent mid-range jumper off the catch and bounce – showing a complete basketball offensive package.

Kameron Rodriguez the camp MVP and with a lot of talent in the house you didn’t hear much argument.  Kameron is special, his motor and feel for the game is advanced well beyond others at this same point.  His game has the NYC flare but is refined and poised; his IQ and even with his playing the game “fast” his pace is obvious and apparent.  

Quicker in person than on camera you have to see him to truly appreciate the essence of his game.  He as some tools that can’t be taught – God given talent that we believe will serve him very well for years to come.  As they say, if you can make it in the Spotlight you can make it any where.

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