Tuesday, September 9, 2014

P2bball.com 2023/2024 Basketball Spotlight Player Achievement Awards


Most Outstanding Player: Khoi Thurmon, IL
Most Valuable Player: Cameron Gullis, VA
Breakout Player of Camp: Marcus Blackwell, MI
Best Scorer: Tyrik Petway, FL
Top Prospect: Daniel Dormu, DC
Top Lead Guard – John Mobley, OH
Top Defender – Anthony Saunders, VA
Top Shooter(s) – Jalen Newhouse, CA
Top Playmaker – Sarmatine “Fatman” Bogues
Primetime Perimeter Player: Jakhary Townes, MI
Fantastic Frontcourt Performer:  Timothy Anderson, NV
Best Rebounder – Curtis Staie, NY
Most Underrated Player – Tyrin Bezzelle, MD
Teammate Leadership Award – Jaden Colzie, NJ

P2bball.com Top 20 Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Performers (2023/2024 CAMP Rankings)

1. Khoi Thurmon, IL
2. Cameron Gullis, VA
3. John Mobley, OH
4. Tyrik Petway, FL
5. Daniel Dormu, DC
6. Jalen Newhouse, CA
7. Jalen Lyn, NY
8. Sarmatine “Fatman” Bogues, MD
9. Jeremiah Dorsey, NY
10. Jakhary Townes, MI
11. Anthony Saunders, VA
12. Marcus Blackwell, MI
13. Jaden Colzie, NJ
14. Tyrin Bezzelle, MD
15. Curtis Staie, NY
16. Timothy Anderson, NV
17. Moses Blackwell, MI
18. Michael Brelsford, MD
19. Isaiah Marshall, OH
20. Ryan Williams, PA



  1. Newhouse #6 is the big kid from cali right? If so then p2 blew the assist wit him being rankd 6. He was top 5 at the camp lead his team too the chip losing by one point..I believe mobley jr an petway was on that team he set them up all camp

  2. MVP Khoi Thurmon
    MOP Jalen Newhouse Ca
    Breakout Cameron Gullis
    Best Scorer Tyrik Petway John Mobley
    Top Prospect J Colzie
    Top Lead Khoi Thurmon Jalen Newhouse
    Top Defender Daniel Dormu
    Top Playmakers Khoi Thurmon Jalen Newhouse
    Top Shooter John Mobley jr
    Best Rebounder Curtis Staie
    Most Underated Tyrin Bizzelle
    Primetime Player Jakhary Towns
    Fantastic Frontcourt Timothy Anderson

  3. Camp Rankings Top 5
    1 khoi thurmond
    2 jalen newhouse
    3 cameron gullis
    4 tyrik petway
    5 john mobley
    Anyone argue that clearly wasent paying attention to the 2024/2023 group play

    1. I saw tyrin Bizzelle LIMIT 1 of those kids in the 1st game and the championship. 1 & 2 buckets, while Bizzelle went for 15th n the 1st game and 8pts n the championship win while having us forget 1 of your top 5 was even playing Mr anonymous BUT I DO AGREE WITH YOUR INITIAL STATEMENT BECAUSE NEWHOUSE, BIZZELLE AND BOGUS DEFINITELY BELONG HIGHER

    2. Everyone of these kids on the list are a super talented group of kids and whether they are 1 or 20 should be commended. They have a long way to go in their development of their special talents. All of these rankings are very subjective and can be debated inside and out like who is the best Jordan or Lebron? Of course we know Jordan was the best...LOL Our kids care less who is number 1 or 2 when they get together they push each other and challenge each other making the entire group better. They have fun and enjoy playing each other...So lets embrace that spirit and watch all 20 reach the heights everyone thinks they will reach.

    3. From what i remember the team who had Newhouse, Petway,Saunders and Mobley went to the championship game undefeated smashing the opponents. Bogues aka Fatman loss 3 games so how he was ranked high is crazy. Thurmond was good but not great. Remember, These kids were combined with 2024 kids how can you not dominate kids 2 years younger. How many numbers did he put up in each game? However, All the kids did a good job overall.

  4. The best player of class 2023 played up and made the all-star team for 2022 class and his team won the chip but you will not hear about him because this is all about reclass kids

  5. Rashad Williams Tn war eagles class 2023 only 9 already 5'6 great rebounder and moves great for a young big