Thursday, September 11, 2014 2021 Basketball Spotlight Player Achievement Awards

Most Outstanding Player: Zion Harmon, Washington DC
Most Valuable Player: Donnell Harris, FL
Breakout Player of Camp: Trevor Keels, Washington DC
Best Scorer: Zion Harmon, Washington DC
Top Prospect: Trey Patterson, NJ
Top Lead Guard – Khalil Brantley, GA
Top Defender – Keon Henderson, MI
Top Shooter(s) – Brayon Freeman, MD
Top Playmaker – Justice Williams, PA
Primetime Perimeter Player(s): Ahmad Harrison, MD, Khalil Farmer, PA
Fantastic Frontcourt Performer:  Trey Thomas, MD
Most Underrated Player – Bryce McGowens, SC
Teammate Leadership Award – Jake Koverman, MD Top 20 Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Performers (2021 CAMP Rankings)

1. Zion Harmon, DC
2. Trey Patterson,NJ
3. Donnell Harris, FL
4. Khalil Brantley, GA
5. Trevor Keels, DC
6. Ahmad Harrison, MD
7. Justice Williams, PA
8. Khalil  Farmer, PA
9. Keon Henderson, MI
10. Bryce McGowens, SC
11.Trey Thomas, MD
12. Brayon Freeman, MD
13. Bryce McGowens, SC  
14. Ty Wilson, VA
15. Carlos Alexander, MD
16. Travonne Jackson, OH
17. Jake Koverman, MD
18. Chris Kuzemka, VA
19. Stalin Oaks, MD
20. Jayden Pierre, NJ


  1. Can someone answer me this? How is it this site and BballSpotlight are in conjunction with one another, but yet you guys have different views on the rankings? Wasn't you guys in the same building? Watching the same kids?

  2. It's a shame that politics and parental pressure plays a part in your analyses of the players in this class (2021)! BBall Spotlight was more on target in their selections. You list pictures of top performers that you don't even have listed in your top five. You also have a player in your top five that didn't even make bball spotlight's top 10. Be objective and don't go overboard on players who normally shine across the country as there are plenty of new players who did their thing at the camp and didn't get the publicity because they aren't household names.

  3. The kid, Trey Thomas, didn't make your top 10 with the work he, Donnell Harris and Khalil Brantley put on that class (2021) in winning the chip! That championship team rolled through the weekend and their talent was apparent!!