Tuesday, September 9, 2014

P2bball.com 2020 Basketball Spotlight Player Achievement Awards


Most Outstanding Player: AJ Hoggard, PA
Most Valuable Player: Jaden Springer, NC
Breakout Player of Tournament: Jeremy Roach, VA 
Best Scorer: Jordan Toles, MD
Top Prospect: Terrance Williams, DC
Top Lead Guard – Tyler Brelsford, MD
Top Defender – Lamereon James, UK
Top Shooter(s) – RJ Davis, NY
Top Playmaker – Cannin Reynold, DC
Primetime Perimeter Player: Tristian Maxwell, NC, Isaiah Kennedy, OH, Niels Lane, NJ
Fantastic Frontcourt Performer: Ryan Conway, MD, Cameron Byers, MD,
Best Rebounder – Cameron Byers, MD
Most Underrated Player – Jalen Cone, NC
Teammate Leadership Award – Ahmad Fair, NJ

P2bball.com Top 35 Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Performers (2020 CAMP Rankings)

1. AJ Hoggard, PA
2. Jaden Springer, NC
3. Jordan Toles– MD
4. Terrance Williams, DC
5. RJ Davis, NY
6. Tyler Brelsford, MD
7. Jeremy Roach, VA

8. Cameron Byers, MD 
9. Jordan McPhatter, NC
Ahmad Fair, NJ
11. Lameron James, UK
12, Canin Reynolds, DC
13. Tristian Maxwell, NC
14. Jalen Cone, NC 
15. Ryan Conway, MD
16. Isaiah Kennedy, OH
17. Antonio Sanders, FL
18. Xavier Pina, DE
19. Karlen Cooker, IN
20. Justin Lewis, MD
21. Keyshawn Johnson, DC
22. Josiah Hardy,VA
23. Niels Lane, NJ
24. Jermaine Goodwyn, MD
25. Elijah Malloy, NJ
26. Garrett Ott-Large, IN
27. Tommy Anderson, NV
28. Tejon Ford, DC
29. Kyree Banks, DC
30. Jacobi Wright, SC
31. Jenkins Dormu, DC
32. Zahree Harrison, PA
33. Keno Lilly, MD
34. Mathew Anderson, VA
35. Mehki Price, DC


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