Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp - Introduces the Nation to the Stars of Tomorrow

Three top NBA draft picks from this year draft who came from the 2013 class nationally — Andrew Wiggins, Noah Vonleh and Wayne Seldon — repeated a grade. The No. 2 overall rated player in 2012, Nerlens Noel, also repeated.  One of the most well-known current High School players is Isaiah Briscoe, ESPN Top 15 and one of the most sought after prospects in the country; he too reclassed as an eighth grader. 

The Bball Spotlight changed the middle school camp game with their recent Future Phenom event. One of biggest stories within the story was the announcement and first official appearance of the different reclassed players.  These players will inevitably impact the national ranking boards immediately and some will be crowned immediately as top players in the country.  

Having the opportunity to witness some of the top players in the country competing in their new age groups was invaluable.  They did not disappoint and if the past is any indication these decision wills be paying big dividends for these players for many years to come.

Christian DePollar (DC) 2019:  6'5 with ball handling skills, another difference maker as a class of 2019 member.  DePollar can play 4 in some case 5 positions offensively; he is able to finish in traffic, shoot over smaller players and go around the bigger one.  Christian is a match-up night mare with his versatility and skill set.  If anyone remember Derick McKey from the 80's, this is Depollar - having him on the team and in  the line-up make the team better with all that he can do.  He can affect the game in many categories and make a impact with scoring a point.  A humble hard worker who was under the radar at 2018 - but a top national prospect in this class.  By this time next year he will be a household name and already on college radars.  So many players in this situation rely on scoring as their only way to make a name.  DePollar understands the bigger picture and the opportunity he has to have a large role in all high end events.  His All- Star Selection in the Spotlight was just another example of him taking advantage of his chances. How may glue guys are also your most skilled player?  With DePollar you get the best of both worlds.

Marvin Price (MD) 2019:  Another situation where this move will change the landscape of the country; the 6’6 wing forward does it all and translates to the next level with size and skill already.  Silky smooth he is a smaller version of Julius Randle; he can go inside or out and has range to the 3-point line.  He is finishing with the dunk and in his second major event in his new class he shined brightly as was expected.
AJ Hoggard (PA) 2020: Hoggard has been getting the job done on the national stage for many years; playing in and against the best players in the biggest games.  In a PG heavy 2019 class Hoggard still represented himself as a top national prospect.  The genius of the Hoggard move is AJ has always operated as the consummate point guard.  His passing, ball handling, and court presence had him operating on an extremely high plane in many aspects – the class change actually now allows AJ to be the focal point, the scorer, and allow him to expand his already gaudy footprint on the game.   At the Spotlight Camp AJ immediately proved that he ready; bigtime point totals and of course bigtime wins as he lead his team to the chip.  The jumper continues to expand and with the IQ to use angles and to exert himself at certain moments that affect the game he is controlling in more and different ways.  Hoggard from tip to buzzer over the weekend showed he must without question be considered amongst the best in class – not the best PG, but the best player. He did it all, he took on all challengers, and won every game –at the end of the day what more could he have done to show and prove.

Terrance Williams (DC) 2020:  At 6’5 and with the ability to play all 3 front court positions with equal effectiveness Williams is poised for one of the top 3 spots in the country in his new 2020 class.  He was dominant for stretches in the 2019 Spotlight group and will be absolutely frightening when playing at the 2020 level.  He showed the ability to hit the 3-pointer and showed phenomenal touch in the mid-range.  Going to the basket opponents simply bounced off of him as he finished through contact like a young Terry Cummings.  Interviewing Williams his goal is to take this extra year to work on becoming a wing forward.  At 6’7/6’8 with his skill set and the basketball hotbed he plays in – as a combo forward he will be looking mid- major and up.  There is no one who can guard him in the paint and when he moves to the parameter and expands his game the sky becomes the limit.

James Bishop (MD) 2019:  Moves on moves, quick’s, has a Iverson type playing style he can handle like a PG but he can score like a SG.  The ultimate combo guard he can handle both back court spots and he plays well off the ball – the lefty scored at will and punished defenders all weekend long winning the taking home the camp MVP.  With an extra year to gain strength he will be hard a cover throughout the next year – great in the pick and roll the extension on trey range will be something that we will be looking for and we are confident we will get.

Trey Patterson (NJ) 2021: This player looked even better than anticipated.  He turned from a shooter into a certified assassin doing it all over the floor.  Patterson did it all – he controlled the boards, he handled the rock, attacked the paint and finished like no other in the group.  He is a game changer 2021 a certified star – the jump shot is still there and cannot be contested at this level; for anyone who has to see Patterson this year and moving forward know going in – HE IS A PROBLEM.

Camron Byers (MD) 2020:  6’5 Big who becomes a top positional prospect as well as a big time national name.  Not just a player with size he run with and can beat guards down the floor; he has a one speed and can beat most with it. As he learns change of pace he will be actually become tougher to stop.  Like Shaq he uses his power well but utter dominance of every team and player comes with go to move and/or a few.  He can be one of the best or he can be the best, this is the position Byers is in; so call it win/win.

Tyler Brelsford 2020:  Anyone remember Mike Bibby – a career 14ppg/5 asst. guy; never was the quickest, strongest, or most athletic guard on his own team.  Seemingly in his 12 year pro career he continued to win just as he did at the college level; starting on the only Arizona team to ever win a national championship.  Brelsford is a winner, been doing it for years and even through folks may point to his Chris Webber like supporting cast the facts remain his team operate smoother and with more cohesion when he is running the show.  Bigtime high percentage shooter from inside and especially behind the arch with bigtime pick and roll skills – go back and look at tape and you will see the not just the similarities in the win column but also in the game and style of play; he handles and passes with the best, shows great vision and high IQ.  He will be a dominant force with new aggressive mindset that we saw birthed at the Spotlight.   This reclass along with added height and strength Brelsford will 1) continue to win 2) become a primary scoring option 3) be one of the best leaders in the country – if you respect the game, you will respect Brelsford; if it’s not given he will be forced to take it.

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