Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp: Bmore Orange Local Club Producing Top National Talent

We haven’t seen them in a national championship game, they don’t have the big time shoe contract, they aren’t decked out in warm-ups or gear when the walk into the gym.  But a group out of Maryland; B’More Orange is putting something special together and they proved it in a way that leaves absolutely no doubt – they proved it at the recent Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; an event that had the best of the best in the country in attendance.

They arrived with a group of special players on Saturday and they left with major hardware on Sunday.

Starting with who may be the littlest guy but possibly the biggest star in the program Tyrin Bizzelle. With all of the big names in the attendance, one of the surprises of the weekend was 2024 class member Tyrin Bizzelle who played in a combined 2024/2023 age group making it even tougher sledding. In an amazing performance Bizzelle showed his shooting ability and his handle along with his passing ability.  He has the skill set to compete at the highest level in his age group.  He finished well and really excelled in transition, the game was not too big for him he fit right in and contributed offensively and defensively.  Bizzelle’s game earned him a position as a top 5 player in the camp; look for Bizzelle to grow his name and his game as the Spotlight is now on him.

Liam Ball:  At the Spotlight the surprisingly athletic wing forward who can jump ou the gym showed he can be a star in any system. He played all over the floor and scored from all over the floor in his first showing against the nations best.  He also show the ability to work the offensive glass. Ball is a player who can take the ball off the glass, handle it in transition, and finish for you if needed.  The versatility is impressive as is the ability to transitions from offensive to defense quickly. Ball contributed in multiple categories each time out which makes another Bmore Orange player who is now officially in the Spotlight.

Sigfried Reid:  Made the top 20 All-Star game and is looking ready for a breakout year. Reid found another gear this weekend and never turned it back down; he showed the ability to play 3 positions.  We liked how he impacted play and was a difference maker when on the court.  A solid percentage shooter from the field, he also showed 3-point range, and worked well on the flash as a receiver and passer.  Defensively Reid used his length to create turnovers and initiate the fast break at one end and then he ran the floor to complete what he started on the offensive end.  The wing span and length were on display and was put to good use; a high ceiling and frontcourt versatility is the calling card for Reid – his future is bright and he proved why going against the very best in the nation’s top camp Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

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  1. There were a lot of talented kids at this camp. Some were very productive playing all around team ball and some very selfish as well. I watch a kid put up 14 5 and 5 every game but no mention on any sites. I interviewed a lot kids and they left with the confidence that they compete very well against the hyped best players in their respective class..