Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Zeb Jackson is Still Here - He Can't Stop Won't Stop


P2bball.com has followed Zeb Jackson for an extended period of time; he continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace. Jackson continues to function as a high level scorer and we like what we are beginning to see from him as a lead guard. Noting that the transition that Jackson is making is one of the hardest in the sport; a scoring guard to a lead – he still maintains the ability to impact and at times take over contest. The space creation, moves on moves, and quick release that are sometimes used in concert are the foundation and core of his strength as a complete player.
Very quick with and without the ball, Jackson is realizing his potential as a game changer on the defensive end. Guards are looked at as not a dime a dozen, rather a nickel a dozen – so a special set of tools and skills are required to obtain and most importantly maintain a high level standing and profile. As the years have gone on, many have attempted to pick apart various parts of Jackson’s game; but the fact remains is that the remains consistently in the conversation. At the end of the day that’s the goal and mission and as such his mission is in route to being accomplished.

Jackson has had a huge year thus far which include his name being added to the USA National Select Team roster with some of the nation best players in his class. National Select Coach stated via phone that “Jackson is not one of the types of guards you see in middle school and do not hear from again in High School – the development of his game and his current attributes translate; meaning Zeb Jackson will be heard from for years to come not just in Ohio but many other places. I love working with him and see improvement each time I get in the gym with him.” The aforementioned is very high praise from a Coach that has seen the very best the country has to offer an proves again that Jackson is the real deal.

We have recently been able to obtain the 2014 Zeb Jackson mixtape and want to share with all our readers. Notice the expanded range, distance, and stroke on the shot, the vison and movement with the ball and when you are done give Jackson the respect he deserve as one of the best.

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  1. I am very proud to be this young man's Aunt, much Love little Z known as the Goose to me. ;-)