Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sahvir Wheeler (2019/PG) - Houston We Have A Problem

Clark Francis stated "I just haven't seen a PG better in his class; he'll be between 3-5 overall in my next rankings" this is lofty praise from one of the most respected talent evaluators in the country.  Sahvir Wheeler, from Houston, TX reminds of another Clark Francis favorite the diminutive spark plug Chase Adams, who too flat out gets the job done.

Whereas Chase is the ultimate weapon as a floor general and facilitator Wheeler combines this aspect with some a very impressive scoring package that extends well beyond the 3-point stripe.  First and foremost Wheeler has a very impressive array of finishes that he completes with consistency over longer and bigger opponents.  He has no fear when attacking the paint and challenging his defender and any of those looking to help from with the strong or the weak side.

Sahvir who stands 5'2, works equally well and at a very high level off the catch and off the bounce.  His quick release and stop and pop ability make him a very difficult cover.  When combined with his ball handling skills and cunning he becomes dangerous anywhere within the half court.  Wheeler also is impressive with his passing rapporteur, his court vision is natural and pure; he see development and can get balls in tight spaces like a strong armed quarterback – yet one even with this ability he is smart enough to make solid basketball plays without forcing the issue.

As with all elite guards who operate low to the ground, Wheeler is almost impossible to trap as be knows how to use angles in a crafty manner to split, go around, and through them.  Clearly operating with strong core strength the cannonball PG does not get knocked off his spot and almost always reaches his destination with bad intentions for defenders on his arrival.

What else can we say?  He is a pesky defender who sticks his nose into plays and is a disruptive presence especially on the ball and as a trapper.  Being left handed is also problematic for those who do not know how to counter.  At the end of the day Wheeler is a problem; he has no fear and love to compete.  Don’t take our word for it check out Wheeler a member of the 2019 class playing up at D1 Nationals at the 2018 level.

Seeing is believing and P2 is a very big believer.

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