Sunday, August 10, 2014

P2bball GOY Finalist: Oakland Soldiers vs WACG 6th Grade AAU Championship

Two decades ago Christian Laettner’s 1992 turnaround jump shot against the Kentucky Wildcats is one of the crown jewels of March Madness and any college highlight compilation for that matter.  The reason that shot has maintained its place in the pantheon of basketball history is because few moments in the history of any sport have matched Laettner’s play for clutch execution of the seemingly impossible, especially with championship hopes on the line.

In addition to Laettner hitting the big shot, let’s not forget his stat line for that game:
-10-10 From the Field & 10 – 10 From the FT lin; 31pts, 7-rebcounds, & 3-assist

The 2014 6th Grade National Championship game had many big shots to count; as ice water flowed through the veins of the players.  For those who were not in attendance and for those who just want to see it again; P2 is proud to provide a compilation of the many great plays and shots in the Oakland Solders/ We All Can Go All-Stars game.  A contender for the coveted Youth Basketball Game of the Year Award – the prowess of the players was nothing short of remarkable. 

As well, the remarkable sportsmanship caught on tape at the conclusion of this game - given the stakes is ever more impressive and speaks to something greater than any athletic accomplishment. It speaks to character and class; in that regard both team showed they were Champions!

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