Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BBallspotlight Future Phenoms Camp: Jalen Newhouse - Rising, Surprising, & Has the Nation Realizing

Point forward is an unofficial playing position in basketball for those who share the attributes of both a point guard and a forward.  At the is Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp at the 2023 level we are advising in writing that the best point forward in the country is Jalen Newhouse.  We came, we saw, and he performed – doing it all; all weekend long leading his team to the championship where he suffered a heartbreaking 1-point defeat.  At times Newhouse acted as the primary facilitator on offense, bringing the ball up the court directing the offense and at other times he controlled the boards and the paint, then when asked he put on his hard hat and become go to guy scoring the ball.

The versatility shown by Jalen is game changing in his 2023 class; evaluating him was seemingly like watching 3 players in one – a multi-category contributor, his passing allowed others to operate as scorers, his rebounding put the team into transition with long outlets and look a-heads.  Yet he still performed at an elite level and did what has earned him a national reputation and that’s putting the ball in the hole.  Those who didn’t know who he was when he walked into the gym on Saturday morning all knew his name and his games when he left Sunday afternoon after being named Top 5 player in the class of 2023.

Newhouse scored from all three levels the paint, the mid-range, and the three-point line showing consistency in all areas.  His excellent use of angles and equal effectiveness from all area of the playing surface made him a threat any time he touched the ball.  The ability to see two plays ahead and anticipate cuts and openings accentuated what was already an impressive passing repertoire.  No matter how you shape it, no matter what you label him – call him a player and give him the title of “one of the nation’s best".

See his work below…

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