Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp - Its Time for the "King" to Be Crowned

There are not many players who have the heart to walk into a gym and tell the competition that they are the best players in the building.  It’s a whole other level to then step onto the 94X50 surface and prove it to the players and all of those in attendance.

“King” Khoi Thurmon arrived to the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp with a big reputation in the 2023 class - lots of nice videos, lots of hype, big chip on his shoulder.  One must be very careful making such claims at an event of this nature; the BBall Spotlight Future Phnom Camp was bursting at the seams with talent - Khoi would face a top national talent each and every time out.  

Thurmond proceeded to not only establish himself as one of the best in his class; he earned the respect of his teammates and competitors; which is the ultimate compliment.  The beauty in “King” Khoi’s performance this weekend is that he played his game – the consummate point guard he played the position as it is defined.  He controlled the pace, he involved his teammates, and when needed and called upon he fulfilled the role of scorer from the lead guard position.  

Like an orchestra conductor he controlled every facet, including the mental and emotional aspect – he was constantly issuing challenges to his opponents; what same may refer to as trash talking – but again he backed up every word.  Sneaky quick and smart well beyond his young age Khoi is the definition of a pass first point although he showed the ability to knock down open shot with range outside the arc off the catch or dribble. An excellent ball handler who can push and pull equally as well; the “King” really likes to attack with the crossover and does so with equal efficiency going either left or right.  At the end of the day Thurmon walked into the gym with a target on his back in one of the toughest environments in the country - the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; at the end of the camp he walked out being named the MVP for his age group.

Check out some of Khoi’s work at the Spotlight event – he is a player who you will be hearing from for many years to come.

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