Friday, August 29, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp: 2023 Cameron Gillus Has the Goods

Cameron Gullus is a combination guard that is more of a shooting guard although he is very productive at the point guard position as well. He can knock down the open three and makes an array plays off the bounce, especially when pressing the paint. He can get to the rim where he is a crafty finisher even at this young age; he as shown a propensity already of letting his defense dictate his offense – which indicates a maturity level well beyond his years.  

A class of 2023 member, Cameron’s physical stature allows him to absorb contact and helps him to finish through it – he is also adept at putting a player on his hip and using his length and IQ to dominate and put opponents at a disadvantage.  Well drilled and fundamentally sound – as a player analysis you can tell right away that his skillset is being honed with long tough hours in the gym, this is the type of development that translates up multiple levels.

With a focus on style by many of today’s players Gullus game is pure substance and will have him on the path to future success.  Highlights of Gullus at the recent Basketball Future Phenom Camp against many of the nation’s best prove what we already knew  - Gullus has the goods.

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