Friday, August 29, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp: Anthony Saunders Puts Name on Map with Bigtime Performance at Spotlight

Anthony Saunders is as explosive as they come in his class; he show great lateral quickness and was a maven with the ball in his hands. He can slash his way to the rim at will and his body control at this juncture is flat out phenomenal.  An attacking scoring guard that likes to get to the rim and finish - he is a good advance passer where he has surprisingly good snap on the ball for a player with such a slight frame. He does an excellent job of probing and keeping his dribble alive until he knows what he wants to do with the ball and what he does and can do is a lot.  

During the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Saunders showed an array of skills and versatility; he scored, he set-up teammates, and he defended not once giving up on a play.  Whereas his position has not clearly been defined, and it doesn’t need to as he is a class of 2023 player and has time to make this determination. The thing that was most important and apparent is that he is a basketball player who when the ball is thrown up and he is in between the lines - he is a high end competitor that showed himself to be one of the best in a group that boasted many of the nation’s best.  

Coming from one of the country’s premier basketball hotbeds Saunders can only go up from here; we cannot wait to watch and monitor his growth as he showed he had some big time tools at this young age already. You don’t have to wait to see him, enjoy Anthony’s highlight below right now!

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