Friday, August 29, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp: Anthony Saunders Puts Name on Map with Bigtime Performance at Spotlight

Anthony Saunders is as explosive as they come in his class; he show great lateral quickness and was a maven with the ball in his hands. He can slash his way to the rim at will and his body control at this juncture is flat out phenomenal.  An attacking scoring guard that likes to get to the rim and finish - he is a good advance passer where he has surprisingly good snap on the ball for a player with such a slight frame. He does an excellent job of probing and keeping his dribble alive until he knows what he wants to do with the ball and what he does and can do is a lot.  

During the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Saunders showed an array of skills and versatility; he scored, he set-up teammates, and he defended not once giving up on a play.  Whereas his position has not clearly been defined, and it doesn’t need to as he is a class of 2023 player and has time to make this determination. The thing that was most important and apparent is that he is a basketball player who when the ball is thrown up and he is in between the lines - he is a high end competitor that showed himself to be one of the best in a group that boasted many of the nation’s best.  

Coming from one of the country’s premier basketball hotbeds Saunders can only go up from here; we cannot wait to watch and monitor his growth as he showed he had some big time tools at this young age already. You don’t have to wait to see him, enjoy Anthony’s highlight below right now!

Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp: 2020 Al-fatir Y. Connor Old School PG with New School Flair

Al-fatir Y. Connor is a point guard that can run the team and keep the defense honest with his ability to press the paint and penetrate on a consistent basis.  Connor pushes the ball under control and makes good decisions at high speeds in the open court, has terrific vision, and his passing is special in the open court. 

He is an outstanding athlete with eye popping quickness who affects the game with his length, assertiveness, and IQ.  Al-fatir plays chip on the shoulder and with swagger; he exudes confidence and is contagious to teammates.  A born leader and the true definition of a PG; he enjoys the assist just as much if not more than the score – a pass first player who is able to use his baseline to baseline quickness to set up his teammates or himself for easy scores.   

Connor makes the player around him better and sacrifices his game for the benefit of the team; a point guard in every way – but do not be confused if asked he can score with the best of them and as a complete players he plays both ends exhibiting great ability to exert ball pressure on his opponents.  Even in a camp setting that often promoted offensive outburst Connor played his game and stuck to the script; as a member of the 2020 class he proved on the court that he has to be looked at as one of the nation’s elite floor generals. 

Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp: 2023 Cameron Gillus Has the Goods

Cameron Gullus is a combination guard that is more of a shooting guard although he is very productive at the point guard position as well. He can knock down the open three and makes an array plays off the bounce, especially when pressing the paint. He can get to the rim where he is a crafty finisher even at this young age; he as shown a propensity already of letting his defense dictate his offense – which indicates a maturity level well beyond his years.  

A class of 2023 member, Cameron’s physical stature allows him to absorb contact and helps him to finish through it – he is also adept at putting a player on his hip and using his length and IQ to dominate and put opponents at a disadvantage.  Well drilled and fundamentally sound – as a player analysis you can tell right away that his skillset is being honed with long tough hours in the gym, this is the type of development that translates up multiple levels.

With a focus on style by many of today’s players Gullus game is pure substance and will have him on the path to future success.  Highlights of Gullus at the recent Basketball Future Phenom Camp against many of the nation’s best prove what we already knew  - Gullus has the goods.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BBallspotlight Future Phenoms Camp: Jalen Newhouse - Rising, Surprising, & Has the Nation Realizing

Point forward is an unofficial playing position in basketball for those who share the attributes of both a point guard and a forward.  At the is Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp at the 2023 level we are advising in writing that the best point forward in the country is Jalen Newhouse.  We came, we saw, and he performed – doing it all; all weekend long leading his team to the championship where he suffered a heartbreaking 1-point defeat.  At times Newhouse acted as the primary facilitator on offense, bringing the ball up the court directing the offense and at other times he controlled the boards and the paint, then when asked he put on his hard hat and become go to guy scoring the ball.

The versatility shown by Jalen is game changing in his 2023 class; evaluating him was seemingly like watching 3 players in one – a multi-category contributor, his passing allowed others to operate as scorers, his rebounding put the team into transition with long outlets and look a-heads.  Yet he still performed at an elite level and did what has earned him a national reputation and that’s putting the ball in the hole.  Those who didn’t know who he was when he walked into the gym on Saturday morning all knew his name and his games when he left Sunday afternoon after being named Top 5 player in the class of 2023.

Newhouse scored from all three levels the paint, the mid-range, and the three-point line showing consistency in all areas.  His excellent use of angles and equal effectiveness from all area of the playing surface made him a threat any time he touched the ball.  The ability to see two plays ahead and anticipate cuts and openings accentuated what was already an impressive passing repertoire.  No matter how you shape it, no matter what you label him – call him a player and give him the title of “one of the nation’s best".

See his work below…

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp - Its Time for the "King" to Be Crowned

There are not many players who have the heart to walk into a gym and tell the competition that they are the best players in the building.  It’s a whole other level to then step onto the 94X50 surface and prove it to the players and all of those in attendance.

“King” Khoi Thurmon arrived to the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp with a big reputation in the 2023 class - lots of nice videos, lots of hype, big chip on his shoulder.  One must be very careful making such claims at an event of this nature; the BBall Spotlight Future Phnom Camp was bursting at the seams with talent - Khoi would face a top national talent each and every time out.  

Thurmond proceeded to not only establish himself as one of the best in his class; he earned the respect of his teammates and competitors; which is the ultimate compliment.  The beauty in “King” Khoi’s performance this weekend is that he played his game – the consummate point guard he played the position as it is defined.  He controlled the pace, he involved his teammates, and when needed and called upon he fulfilled the role of scorer from the lead guard position.  

Like an orchestra conductor he controlled every facet, including the mental and emotional aspect – he was constantly issuing challenges to his opponents; what same may refer to as trash talking – but again he backed up every word.  Sneaky quick and smart well beyond his young age Khoi is the definition of a pass first point although he showed the ability to knock down open shot with range outside the arc off the catch or dribble. An excellent ball handler who can push and pull equally as well; the “King” really likes to attack with the crossover and does so with equal efficiency going either left or right.  At the end of the day Thurmon walked into the gym with a target on his back in one of the toughest environments in the country - the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; at the end of the camp he walked out being named the MVP for his age group.

Check out some of Khoi’s work at the Spotlight event – he is a player who you will be hearing from for many years to come.

BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp: Donnell Harris New National Showstopper

Donnell Harris used the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom camp weekend as his personal showcase and coming out party; the new star of the class of 2021 dominated from start to finish securing a spot in the camp All-Star game and taking home the camps MVP award for the class. 

Starting on the defensive end Harris is a shot blocking stud; he has enormous length and good timing but what is most impressive about him is his ability to try and challenge as many shots as possible for a young front court player. By merely contesting shots on his own man or chasing down an opponent's his presence is felt anytime anyone gets near the lane.  Donnell plays with energy and urgency. He run the floor well and in transition he can catch on the move and finish; he showed a great ability to seal his defender in the low post for point blank scoring position whenever he desired. 
With a prototypical basketball frame and an intense support network which include a dad with great size and length; the 6’2 Harris has a huge upside and a high ceiling as there is still ample room for physical and skill growth.  Donnell Harris has merely scratched the surface of what he will be before he steps into high school – he is a must watch moving forward.  Previously P2BBall witnessed Harris playing up a year in the 2020 age group at AAU Nationals where he was also effective; but in the 2021 class he is a game changer and a unstoppable force scoring equally as well versus double teams and sometimes triple teams.  He exhibited patience in the post and looked to create passing lanes for penetrating guards stepping to open spots catching and finishing consistently.  When he did miss, he was his best rebounder – statistically he produced double doubles every game he played. 

Harris has the athleticism to play all 3 front court positions and in the future Harris projects to be an ideal combo forward. One thing for sure and two things for certain Harris is going to be a problem for years to come - with the prowess to scores in a variety of ways inside the arc using quick straight line slashes and baseline finishes his overall package will without question have him rated as one of the nation’s best in our upcoming national rankings.