Monday, July 21, 2014

The State of Ohio Is Creating Monsters - Big (VJ King) & Small (Sonny Johnson Jr.)

Sonny Johnson & VJ King

It has been rumored that ESPN #18 recruit VJ King a ultra-long multidimensional wing guard with a silky smooth skill set has been working out with one of the nation’s top youth players and son of former Mr. Ohio Basketball; Sonny Johnson Jr. 

Sonny Johnson Jr. who is coming off a sensational showing in AAU National’s playing a year up in the 2021 age group; is poised for breakout year that will cumulate/begin (depending on your vantage point) with an appearance at the Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.  Johnson Jr. who has displayed a next level handle, and the ability to space the floor with his jumper that is effective from all angles of the court.   Johnson Jr. has also showed excellence in the transition game as well as running the team from the lead guard position; he has displayed a high level IQ and amazed scouts with his court vision and the ability to deliver the ball in tight spaces. 

Just like VJ King; Sonny will be appearing high on the national boards as the end of summer rankings begin to drop – the question becomes how much of this high end skill set is Sonny Johnson Jr. picking from one of the nation’s best high school players and future McDonald’s All-American VJ King?  Already Johnson is learning from Dad and former Mr. Ohio Basketball Sonny Johnson Sr. when you combine this with King; the Johnson Jr. may literally have the best combination of elite level training in America.  What will this type of tutelage produce in an already highly skill player? – Johnson at the 2022 level with this type of backing could turn literally into a weapon of mass destruction for all competitors placed in front of him. 

Will VJ King remain in Ohio to work with Johnson Jr. or will he move to the DC/Virginia Area to attend HS?

Will Sonny Johnson Jr. continue to learn the tricks of the trade from VJ King in the comforts of OH?

Will anyone in the country be able to stop King or Johnson Jr. as they raise the charts as top players in the county in their respective classes?

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