Monday, July 28, 2014

The Shot Heard Around the World: Shemar Morrow's Game Winning Shot Wins National Championship

By acclamation, Shemar Morrow is the greatest basketball player in his class.  Aside from this National Title, Morrow is becoming legendary for his crunch time play. Just a few short month ago Morrow shocked the world with a 53-point scoring outburst as his team was facing what would have been their only loss in a undefeated NYBL season.

When the game is on the line and Morrow has the ball, the Soldiers end up winning more often then not. His clutch performances have become a thing of legend because of the way he stepped up when it mattered most. He made a 30-foot jumper to cut the lead to 2-points in the 2014 AAU 6th Grade National Championship game amongst countless more crunch time buckets that changed that outcome of not only this game but many before. With the national championship on the line Morrow released the shot below from beyond half court; sealing the win and the title 58-55.

Shemar is a phenomenal athlete with a unique combination of fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power, artistry, improvisational ability and an unquenchable competitive desire, Morrow is redefining the standard by which future players at this juncture will be judged.  There never has, and probably never will be a player greater at this age then Morrow. He is a rare breed of athlete who combined elite athleticism and talent with supernatural intensity and focus. His drive, passion, and will to win are all but unmatchable. He scores at will, while making plays for his teammates. He is coachable and isn't afraid of leadership responsibilities.

If there was ever a situation where the 6th grade 2020 class world would end unless someone made a jump-shot to save it from destruction, the nation would call upon Shemar Morrow to shoot it. And so he will continue to live on as the greatest 6th grade basketball player who ever lived, 7th grade is next so who knows what else is in store for this walking highlight film.
At the end of the day much has been written and all is well deserved, he is one of the few players at the middle school level where pro considerations can even be mentioned.  His package contains all the necessary skill sets at a high level, mid-range, trey ball, pull-up, finishing ability – he is playing above the rim already, and reverse dunking in live game situations.  If there were any doubters - we are certain that you are believers now!

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