Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rob Taylor - The New God Father of Youth Basketball

Rob Taylor, from Columbus Ohio, has taken the youth basketball world by storm – establishing himself as one of the top and most powerful industry leaders in the world of Middle School Basketball.   His influence and charisma is quickly earning him national acclaim; he can be found at most every high profile youth event and commands respect when he walks through the entrance of an gym in the country. 

Taylor whose own son currently plays at the high major level with the Buckeye’s of Ohio State; has vested himself into the grassroots world of youth basketball with the formulation of the NYBL.  Prolific Performance Basketball, along with many other major media outlets covers the league which unequivocally has the best collection of youth talent in America.  The league which is modeled after Nike’s very popular Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL), offers an unprecedented level of competition and exposure for their participants.  With thousands of team, hundreds of programs, and 10’s of thousands of players – the NYBL is designed for the most elite players and teams.  The gauntlet of teams that have play in this league are the most seasoned and battle tested in the country and the results translate both on the local and the national stage at tournaments and other events.  Seven of the top 10 teams at the 2019 level played in the league prior to earning those spots at AAU Nationals; and if chalk shapes up this year they could even improve on that.

The teams in the NYBL are all battle tested, they all face challenges during their 15 game regular season and playoff.  Each and every game is championship caliber; no tournament – many even question nationals – offers 5 high end quality games every time you show up, period.  As stated in their mission statement it’s an “experience is one that simply cannot be duplicated in youth basketball….every game counts”

The individual players in the league also translate nationally, they are without question the most   This is where big-names prove themselves and this is where names are made.  It’s a literally who’s who of youth basketball, walking into a NYBL session you are looking at the future of basketball, the future Jordan, McDonald, and Olympic team members.
talented and most respected in their classes.

Rob Taylor has touched all of youth basketball and there is no replacement for him or the NYBL.  As his reputation and influence grows Taylor still remains humble and works in the best interest of what counts most at this level, the kids.  In the often dark and political world of youth basketball Taylor is a pillar of light and a breath of fresh air.  “The game needs more Rob Taylor's” said a parent from California whose club has traveled thousands of miles to each session to compete against the best teams and players. 

Without question Taylor must be commended for what he is doing for the kids across the country, it is totally unparalleled. There are so few people with the vision, the heart, and the capacity to do what Taylor does; he is truly about the kids and a gift to their development and the game of basketball itself.  A trail blazer and a pioneer he is who we thought he was; the new God Father of Youth Basketball.  

Visit www.nybleite.blogspot.com for more information on the league and to view this year’s All-Star selections.  Teams looking to compete in 2015 may contact the NYBL to make inquiries and to reserve their spots for next season.


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