Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh Canada! Producing more Future Stars - Hudson & Martin from Team Breakdown

Canada continues to produce high-end basketball talent; the last two #1 picks in the NBA have both hailed from Canada - and a plethora of other draft pick and high major talent has been on display in recent years.  Prolific Performance has been in gym throughout the country and seeks to find the best of the best regardless of place of origin; we have seen Rowan Barrett as well as Isaiah Moseley in recent months and now we would like to introduce the country to two other Canadian stars and national stars in the making.  Both have great size and length and are your prototype basketball players, find out why below.
Raejean Hudson – A large combo guard, Hudson is being pegged for stardom while still in middle school and is creating big time expectations in Canada as well as during his times in the states.  He is your new age style guard;   not a pure point as he doesn’t facilitate the offense each possession for his mates – as well he is also not a shooting guard in that he plays solely off the ball.  In its purest form Hudson is a scoring guard and a playmaker with the ball in his hand.  A streaky scorer who is tough to stop when in his grove; think old Dana Barros and new school Monta Ellis – playing in the states and against top competition will only further his high end development.  Already a top flight athlete and with a varied and attractive skill set Hudson is someone that you must keep an eye on as this type of unique package doesn’t grow on trees.

Tajay Martin - Martin has tremendous versatility and a feel for the game that goes beyond his youth, he's very smooth and has a dynamite frame that can hold added strength to go along with excellent length. More of a hybrid forward that can play inside and out, he excels as well as a solid passer and shooter.  Always playing at 100mph, Martin once learns to control his pace and play situational basketball he flat out has the goods and what it takes to be a next level star.  With such great physical tools Martin could easily dedicate himself to being committed to the defensive and it would translate to offense easily – right now he going to flat out go and try to get you buckets and when under control can do so with the best.  As he matures and does it both ways; he will be scary good and very hard to stop - we are definitely talking about an impact player now and an even greater one in the future.


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