Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kalib Murphy - Rules the Empire of the South & The PG Class of 2020

Kalib Murphy - PG, Atlanta Volt

We are seeing a lot of former NBA players step onto the sidelines to coach – and we are not talking Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd.   We are talking AAU & youth basketball; with Penny Hardaway giving back in a big way with his Team Penny, Jerry Stackhouse, and even Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen it’s great to see former NBA super star Steve Smith in the gym and on the bench and sideline with his 6th grade Atlanta Volt squad.  With NBA experience on their side the Volt are one of the most well coached teams in the 2014 6th Grade AAU Nationals.

Falling today to the national power; Oakland Soldiers featuring Kyree Walker and the nations #1 6th grader Shemar Morrow 63-56 the Volt made a big impression on the fans and our scouts.  In watching what an inspiring effort by all - Kalib Murphy made an instantaneous name for himself on the biggest stage and has immediately placed himself in the rare air of being considered a top player in his class.

Murphy handled the big time pressure not only with poise but with brute force playing in attack mode the entire game.  He scored scoring prowess from all three levels, knocking down trey balls with a consistent stroke, playing the angles, creating space and scoring from the mid-range with pull-ups and floaters from various parts of the court both off the catch and the drive.  He showed great finishing ability even against the length and height of Oakland and earned the respect of everyone in attendance.

In all honesty, from a PG perspective Kalib is one of the best we have seen all week.  His overall game and determination to pace the game and find his spots showed a level of maturity that normally befits a much more seasoned player.  Not forcing anything he gets his while still involving his teammates and running the offense through to its various options.  Very consistent and deliberate in his approach he excelled in the open court and took advantage of the opportunities when they were available to him.

A PG that can run your team and get you a basket at any level when you need it is one that must immediately be looked at as a top player in this class which is not substantially deep in pure points.  We do not feel in the least that we are being pre-mature in making the statement that Steve Smith and the Atlanta Volt have produce and have in their hands one of the best PG and playmakers in the class of 2020.  A certified baller and star on the national who has only scratched the surface of what he will be from a national prominence perspective and from ranking perspective.  Identification of top high end talent is what P2 is about and we say with certainty that Kalib Murphy fits the bill and will be a player in this class that must be in the discussion when the best names are mentioned.

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