Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Isaiah Leblanc - The Ultimate Weapon is Built for Success

What if you could build the ultimate youth basketball player, Mr. Potato Head-style?

How tall would you make your point guard? Would speed be a factor for a center? Sure, you want your small forward to be able to score, but does it matter if he rebounds?

Of course it does.

Or at least it should if you truly want to construct a dream player, a guy who possesses the very best traits of the top middle school basketball players from around the country.

After thinking about this issue at the 2020 level; a player immediately jumped to mind.  Isaiah Leblanc from Houston Texas and a member of the Elite 8, USA National Select Team. 

Why you ask….? Allow us to explain!

Size and length – At 6’1 Leblanc has prototypical size at this level to play all five positions; with the additional length he has the tools to be a defensive stopper and well as a shot blocker.  When we say Leblanc fully engaged on the defensive end he created turnovers, altered shots, and turned offense into defense.  Offensively he is solid enough to both take and dish out contact and when he attacks the basket and chest of opponent his strength and length make him a very tough cover.

Leadership/IQ/Poise – The son of a Coach, trainer, and High Major Player gives him the best of every world!  When he gave 150% it motivated his teammates and he was able to demand more of them! Leblanc is figuring out how to set an example with his play – he rebounds, he assisted, and affected the game even when he didn’t score at a high clip.  We like his leadership when he focuses on all of the little things to help his team win.

Handle: So many people think of guards as guys who attempt shots only from 3-point range. But it's the players who can put the ball on the court and penetrate who are truly dangerous. That describes Leblanc, a solid stoke from the perimeter; but even more dangerous when he is dedicated to attacking the basket; he can do both with the best of them in his class.

Offensive Skill set: Numerous scouts believe Leblanc, a 6th grader, has as much upside of anyone in the class. He can handle the ball on the perimeter, score from 3-point range, back his way into the paint, and score over both shoulders. When dedicated to the process he was a terror on the boards in South Carolina, his versatility in the scoring zones and with the ball in his hands makes him an impact player.  Every team needs a player who can create his own shot and score when everything else breaks down. And it helps when that player also has size.

Leblanc’s proficiency in these 4-catagoies makes him a top prospect in his class.  Honing it and developing that killer instinct to destroy his opponent on every possession will make him a star.  One of nicest, most respectful, articulate, and  joy to coach players we have seen – the development of his “mean streak” will ultimately and ironically be the most important aspect of  his “game” and it has nothing to do with skill at all!


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