Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dream Team IV - Their Future Is Now

The youth pipeline of USA National Select is better than ever. The infatuation with talented and elite players by Coach Francis and his staff has taken on new meaning with the introduction of the 2023 class.  Their pure domination at the recent Basketball Stars of America tournament in Pittsburgh, PA was prime evidence that the future of USA National Select is bright. These young guns are the building blocks to which National Select will build around. Regardless of the position they play on the court, these young athletes will have a remarkable amount of impact on the upcoming national rankings for years to come.  With astonishing victories of 59-7, 65-9, & 64-11 the newest Dream Team is just as dominant as their counterparts at the older ages, they likely will be terrorizing opponents for years to come now that they have finalized there full roster.

So, who exactly are these future stars of tomorrow? Let’s find out!

John Mobley Jr. (OH) – Mobley unbelievably is actually a class of 2024 member; playing up a year in the 2023 class.  Mobley who averaged over 20ppg for the tournament; which included a 40 point scoring outburst in one of the most impressive displays of basketball we have seen this year.  Mobley who is a natural point guard is quickly developing into a prolific scorer who gets his points in the flow of the game while still involving his teammates and making big time contributions on the defensive end.  John Mobley will without question open as the #1 player in the country at his age group, and will dominating opposition for many years to come boast a text book jump shot, a veteran handle with either hand, and the ability to finish with both hands as well.  Professionally, we have not seen a child so young with the mid-range capabilities of Mobley Jr. – USA National Select has formally introduced the nation to its next national #1 players and the country’s next superstar.

Jalen Lyn (NY) – Versatility personified, Lin can play 4 positions with equal effectiveness.   His   We haven’t mentioned scoring, but he does that too often using defense to dictate his offense.  A very unselfish player, he is an excellent finisher and shoots a great percentage from the first two levels.  He plays within himself is tough as nails and shows great leadership qualities for a player so young.  A player of this type will always find a way to contribute and his IQ combined with his skill set makes him a next level star.
contributions are felt in multiple categories – he rebounds, assists, plays the passing lanes, and is a deterrent in the paint with his fantastic length.

Franklin Ayissi Etoh (MD) – At this age group and level Etoh is an unstoppable force, he is able to take the ball of the boards, dribble coast to coast through defenders and finish with either hand or on the pull up.  Great physical size and strength already combined with phenomenal length he is able to finish through contact and is a difference maker as a rebounder and shot blocker. Right now he can literally play all 5 positions equally as well; with the capability to dominate them all and the game for long stretches.  Etoh who does it all literally for his local club becomes lethal in this environment where he has other equally talented players around him as he cannot be stopped in a one on one situation and there is no solution in transition as his body control and attack moves are too much to deal with.  Physical and tough Etoh will be strongly considered for the top spot in 2023 at the end of the summer.

DJ Dormu (DC) – Tough as nails Dormu is your old school east coast/DC guard; handles the ball with flair and flash but is purposeful with the rock and is always in attack mode.  Great court vision and passing ability combined with tremendous court awareness and make him your ideal PG – only one problem; he is just as attractive as a scoring guard.  Your new age scoring one with an old school style giving you the best of both worlds – regardless of this impact in the scoring zones Dormu is always looking to involve his teammates and constantly looks for the open man, often hitting them at the perfect time.  One of the toughest guards we have seen no situation is too big and being physical is a welcomed occurrence.  His size and strength is already a factor and he uses it on both ends.  IQ, motor, and bloodlines when combined with his skill set will make Dormu a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Travis Upchurch (CT) – Previously Upchurch competed with the 2022 National Select group, playing a year up – there he held his own showing big time scoring potential.  At the 2023 level we not only saw scoring prowess we saw superstar qualities and completeness to Upchurch’s game.  Travis moved into a more complete status seeing him this weekend and he easily navigated to the other roles and positions that he had not at the 2022 level.  He showed lead guard capability, seeing cutters and showing the capability to hit them in the scoring zone.  Rebounded well from the perimeter and handled the ball in the half court and transition finishing while taking advantage of the opportunities he was given especially with the outside shot.  One of the few players we can project and identify; Upchurch will be a slashing scoring two – this gives him a huge advantage as he can specifically hone his skill set for his bright future.

Jakhary Towns (MI) – One of National Selects newest finds, Towns shows a penchant for scoring the ball and likes to attack defenders from all levels especially within the half court. Jakari has already mastered space creation and only requires a small amount of space to attack or to get off a quick release jumper that is efficient from 20feet.  Towns also display’s excellent footwork especially in transition and the use of the euro-step is a very effective part of his scoring arsenal and package.  Both quickness and speed are also part of Jakari’s game and him being able to decipher when to use each also speaks to the IQ and what he is being taught about the game.  We love him as a prolific scoring two, but believe with such an advance repertoire he can be a combo that pressures the defense 94-feet.  The pull-up game is one of the best in the country at this age already which is one of the hardest skill sets to develop and with further development on the national circuit and stage Towns will clearly be one of the nation’s best.

Kent Hairston (OH) – Another top 2024 player who is playing up a year and making an impact already.  Phenomenal combination of size and skill; Kent loves to stroke it and is looking at this point like a baby Rashard Lewis with his catch and shoot tendency.  Great length also allow Hairston to make a huge impact on the boards and as a defender; figuring out how good he truly is will help with his aggression and increase his dribble package.  The ideal wing-type he can hurt you in the paint with his length and also impact the game defensively with the same.  As a 2024 player his impact will be that of a top national prospect especially after his consistent placement in high level games at 2023 and above. The IQ and ability to see plays develop is also a very strong part of Kent’s game as is his willingness to make the extra pass.  

Jaydan Lorenzo (NY) – No one works harder than Lorenzo, at a young age he is already figuring out angles and lanes.  One of the best we have seen at playing without the ball, he is a player that is always open due to his effort.  Deceptively quick when receiving the ball his good use of angles allows him to be an excellent finisher. He can handle as do the top guards in NY, in traffic and see the floor well especially in transition.  Solid floor game and range out 15 – feet he knows how to take the what the defense gives and shows a maturity playing within himself, knowing what he can do and in turn doing it very well.  How many young players know how to move without the ball, come off screens, and play without the rock – not many, but Jaylin does, combining this with his other skills make him one of the best out there.


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