Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AJ Hoggard - Allow Him to Reintroduce Himself

AJ Hoggard continues to make his claim for a top spot on the national boards with stellar performances each and every time he steps onto the basketball court.  Already nationally acclaimed at   When you have the natural skill set to play the pure point guard which Hoggard has displayed on the national stage for years as proof by his inclusion on every ranking board coast to coast – and then you add an off the ball game that includes an array of finishes; both to strong and weak side and the ability to do it with both hands; combine that with a solid floater and mid-range pull up package you now begin to see Hoggard in a whole different light. 
the point guard spot, Hoggard’s improving lateral quickness and attack basketball has him playing off the ball very well.

AJ is showing signs of being a next level scoring guard and if he can keep that momentum while maintaining his lead guard prowess we are talking about a top 15 player nationally.  The beauty in this is that AJ has ideal size for either position and can operate; previously as a ball handler, now as a scorer – anywhere on the floor and be dangerous, these are the most sought after attributes from the combo guard position.  His unselfish nature will always allow him to play with any type of player and his passing skills will never allow the defense to focus solely on his scoring.   

What we haven’t talked about and we are seeing continued improvement is in his jumper shot and range; we are noticing a consistent percentage and stop and pop ability, as a value added skill set to his overall profile he is quickly becoming a “in the gym” threat and a positional threat  to the ranking boards in the coming months.    He past his last test at the USBA Nationals as he led his USA National Select group to an Elite 8 finish, getting the job done in multiple ways, showing an extremely high IQ in working in the pick & roll game.   

His final test will occur in DC at the end of August when he will face the best his class has to offer; I am sure they and the country will be surprised with the advancement of his game; P2 predicts that Hoggard will be one the national surprises when the new ranking boards are released in September.


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