Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NYBL & P2: Open Letter To Wendall Moore & Family

Dear Wendell Moore & Family:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to CP3 All Star’s basketball player Wendell Moore for a speedy and complete recovery, considering the high profile nature of his injury, we are optimistic that he is receiving the best of care available. Neither injury nor poverty should ever dim the dreams of a student-athlete pursuing a college scholarship long term or a national championship short term, particularly when their performance has enriched the lives of their competitors, their hometown, their club team, the NYBL, our scouting service and anyone who has known Wendell or the Moore family.  

To Wendell specifically; you have many more basketball games to play – many more of your dreams to make come true.  We know you love this sport and in the short-term there may be frustration, anger, and a misunderstanding of why this has occurred – especially at this time.  In life men are not given situations that they cannot handle and understanding is not always readily available for things that happen to us.  When one door closes another opens and you will be better for getting through this circumstance.  You may be the one to help another get through this same circumstance, this may result in a teammate developing the confidence to make it to the next level and get their education – maybe someone was about to give up on playing and now because of you finds a reasons to keep fighting; because they see you are.  

We know you are a young man; but one that many already see as a role model and you wear those shoes well.  As you recover find the good in this process, know that you have the support of thousands of well-wisher and that we are pulling for you, your family, and your teammates.
In the sport of basketball you will make many more baskets; have many more wins and hopefully far less losses; nevertheless these are all part of the sport.  As well, life is a similar story there will many opportunities, wins, and again hopefully far less loses – but remember the testament of a man isn’t how they stand/respond in good times rather how they respond/get up after being knocked down.  At P2 we have a hand outreached to help you get back up; that’s IF you need it at all.  

You are a special player, but an even better young man who we know has the strength and intestinal fortitude to not only do this, but to do many great things in your life and future, the majority will not involve basketball as all - you are bigger than this game!

Keep your head up and your heart open ~ we are all behind you and can’t wait to see you out on that court again doing what you do best and that is being the best!

Keep Scoring!

Prolific Performance Basketball - CF

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