Friday, June 20, 2014

Come On Down - The Price is Right!

When a team has 5 Division I players on it; as a scouting service you pay very close attention to that team.  When a team defeats that team in a championship caliber game; you must immediately investigate the matter.  Our investigation has revealed a national gem; and further investigation has determined that this gem will not step foot into high school for another year as a member of the 2019 class.  Marvin Price out of Baltimore, Md. and a member of the up and coming club program Team Melo (yes Carmelo Anthony for those wondering) as well as a star in the nations top regional summer league, The PYBL, has changed his entire trajectory with his inclusion in the 2019 class.  A left-handed 6-6 wing forward Price is dominant inside and out; possessing a silky smooth handle Price simply cannot be guarded by any big in space and with his excellent footwork and ball skills smaller guards don’t have a chance in the post.  Price has a weight barring framing that translates up one to two levels already; combine that with a motor that doesn’t stop and you have the basics of player that will be sought after by top High School and Colleges alike. 

An explosive scorer with a legit long range jumper beyond the arc out to 22ft. To be considered the best at the scoring forward position one cannot get ready to score the basketball one must be ready to score the basketball. Price possesses that mindset and the requisite skillset which in turn puts tremendous pressure on defenses.  He rebounds his position and others for that matter and can guard a small quick guard or a long powerful big.  Many question the purpose of reclassification, but in a case where you find yourself to be a top 15 nationally after such a move; it frankly and honestly makes sense; Price and his family just moved himself into the top 2% of players in the country in his class.  We are talking next level scorer, next level finisher, and a definite future star. 

Somehow Price has crossed paths with the head of USA National Select; Coach Francis this can only mean bad things for the entire country – when contacted for comment on Price, Francis advised that “Price is a game changer, possesses star qualities, and the way that he carries himself on the floor and with teammates is advanced beyond his years.  Marvin knows he could take over a game at any time; but finds way to involve his teammates but still he affects the game in multiple ways and in multiple categories. He’s a dream come true for any coach he plays for; one of the most coachable players I’ve seen”  With commendation from Francis and from our own analysis made from our recent visit to the MIT where again Prices’ team defeated a top notch DC Premier squad; you can officially put Prices' name on the map as a top national prospect, this is name you will be hearing from in the future.

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