Monday, May 19, 2014

See the Future of the Game at the NYBL

One of the toughest things to access in the youth basketball genre is the future positional projections of players.  The earlier a primary position can be determined, the sooner a players specific development can begin to occur at said position and the sooner coaches on the next two levels can begin to attach measurable related to future positional recruitment at specific levels ie. major, high major, professional. 

The measurable used at the highest level can be found by visiting the link below:

With so much time between the graduation from High School and the current age group many players will grow and positions can readily change.  Consider current NBA player Anthony Davis, who prior to attending Kentucky University at the height of 6’10 was an average size 6’1 point guard.  It is very rare that players this young already project solidly, but these following players per the NBA and professional basketball guidelines can be looked at as the exceptions not the norm - some either are unbelievably already there or right on cusp with fairly strong assurances that  they will physically meet said standards.  Parental and family information has been taken into account as it is available.
This list speaks to the level of talent and how unique and special each of these players are – as well it speaks to the incredible job that Rob Taylor and the NYBL has done to provide a forum and a collection of talent in one singular league for the entire country to witness.  This is in no way an assurance of the player’s future success as continued skill development and hard work will determine this at its highest level.  

*These projections are only being provided from the players in attendance at NYBL Session III


Center - Balsa Koprivica, 6’10 Team Florida 


Power – Forward – Nobel Days, 6’9 Butler Elite


Small Forward – Wendell Moore, 6’6 CP3 All Stars


Shooting Guard – Rowan Barrett, 6’4 Brampton Warriors 


Point Guard –Andrew  Nehbhard, 6’0 Brampton Warriors 


Combo Guard – Scottie Lewis, 6’4 Team Rio


Combo Forward – Decorian Jefferies, 6’5 Memphis War Eagles 


Power Forward – Brian “B.J” Mack, 6’7 Team United 

Center – Joe Jones III, 6’8 Upstate Elite 

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