Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NYBL's Lucky 7's - Moseley, Spencer, & Pierre Class of 2019 Stars

Isaiah Moseley – Moseley is a terrific scorer that attacks the rim both in transition and in the half court especially from the wing and top of the key. He does a great job of finishing through contact and drawing fouls where he makes the defense pay by knocking down free throws. Moseley also makes his presence on the defensive end and can be considered a stopper.  Isaiah is a true prototypical shooting guard with great size and strength. What makes him special is his deep shooting versatility off the catch or dribble and his ability to get on a role and knock down two or three in a row before the defense knows what hit it.  A very special player who hails from Canada – as good as he is as a player he is an even better person.  Moseley is a game-changer program maker and can be considered one of the best in the country at his position.  Moseley participates in the Canadian Olympic developmental program and his skill set shows every time he steps onto the court and/or into a huddle.  We love his game, but his upside is off the charts – able to play both back courts positions he can be posted, isolated or work within a set.  Moseley is a high level performer who is a certifiable future star; and already one in the NYBL and class of 2019.

Korbin Spencer – Many young players do not remember Rex Chapman – but P2 does.  Spencer is a deceptively bouncy athlete with a strong frame for the combo-guard position. He's a relentless competitor at both ends and is always in attack mode. It's not uncommon for him to grab a defensive rebound and lead the fast break. His decision making is quite good and he's capable of running the lead guard position if needed.  Spencer excels in the open floor where his economy of motion and breakaway athleticism allow him to cover the court and rise up for explosive finishes. In the quarter court he makes defenders pay with his range which is consistent out to 25-feet.  With a laser quick release he can run off screen, dribble drive pull-up, or catch and shoot in a split second.  He has surprisingly great length and agility to go with a tremendous work ethic and a love and passion for the game.   In Session 3 of NYBL and the recent Glory Tournament in DC he more than held his own against some of the top players in the class in country. 

Myles Pierre – Pierre is a long and strong combo-guard; who is very skilled and can score in a variety of ways anywhere inside the arc with his superior mid-range game and strength. Pierre knocks down jumpers off the catch and can make scoring plays off the dribble like a prolific scoring wing. He shoots over smaller defenders and out quick’s smaller ones.  He is a guard you can post ala Rod Strickland and do damage in the half court situation but he is also lethal in the open court where his ball-handling, frame/strength, and moves on moves make it almost impossible to stop him in one on one situations.  Bring help and he shows tremendous vision and passing ability.   We love his creativity offensively; and his ability to play at different speeds and score effectively against man, zone and in space.  Pierre plays with a high level of energy and possesses excellent all-around skill. His size at the combo guard position forces match-up problems for opponents as he has the ability to score behind the arc as well.  We have seen glimpses of explosive scoring ability and as he transitions full time to the lead guard position this fact will make him an even more attractive player moving forward.

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