Friday, May 16, 2014

NYBL Session III - Warriors Come out and Play....

The upcoming NYBL weekend is upon us and as the playoffs approach the match-ups are turning into heated battles for not only position but for national bragging rights.  As always there will be a plethora of interesting style contrast – as they say styles make fights; and there will be some battles this weekend.

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What to Look for this Weekend in 2020 Class:

Shemar Morrow  
The Mansfield Cavs vs Oakland Soldiers – The Soldiers who haven’t been challenged since session one by a tenacious Team Takeover group who came out as a play in team can’t sleep on the Cavs.  One of the interesting sub-plots the Ohio based Cavaliers will be facing off against two of their own Ohio’s Devin Hightower and brother Shemar Morrow the nations unquestioned #1 player.  Will this local rivalry fuel this national match-up? We think so! One to watch this weekend is Taevon Pierre-Louis a relentless rim attacker and underrated shooter for the Cavs; they will need his best game to knock off 6’2 Kyree Walker and the rest of his boys.  High end talent will drive this contest

Manfield Cavs v God First Crusaders – A battle of 3-6 vs 3-7; why would this be a featured match-up? Its classic North vs South AND God’s First is improving at a rapid pace.  In session one God’s First was missing its starting bigs; in session 2 they looked completely different as did their performance on the floor.  Isaiah LeBlanc is the catalyst to the success of God’s First and he developing into one of the most versatile and talented players in the age group.  A very balanced match this should be an exciting and close affair to the end!

Jordan McPhatter

Leesburg BBall v CBC Elite – A healthy LBC group looking to turn their season around at the most important time meets up with one of the best groups of guards in the league.  Something will have to give – CBC’s Jordan McPhatter and his running mate Trayden Williams use their lighting quickness and surpreme ball-handling to create space and can jumpers.  Leesburg has a lineup that features a prime-time big in 6’2 Josiah Hardy; and well built, strong perimeter pieces who can handle and score with the best of them.  Jared Cross, Jeremey Roach, and Chuck Harris are almost like interchangeable parts; but stopping Roach will be imperative to CBC Elites success.  The winning of this game will be the one who controls and plays the tempo they want; Harris and Cross will be integral as will their point guard Will Paige.

Cross, Harris, Paige, Roach, Hardy- Leesburg Bball
Jordan Toles

Leesburg BBall v Banneker Kings – This is your proverbial board-war; Virgina vs Maryland. Scorer vs scorer; Roach vs Toles. Big vs Big, Hardy  vs McNeil and it doesn’t end there.  This game will be tougher then a lot of folks think as the contrast between the two teams and style don’t mix.  Kings want fastbreak transition ball and LBC wants to control the pace and work their sets.  Who can impose their will on the other?  This is what make this game interesting.  Look for Harris and Cross to be major factors as well as Kings PG Ketaan Wyatt in the outcome.

Zion Harmon
Team Glory v CBC Elite – True fans who love lead guard battles and perimeter oriented play; mark this game on your schedule!  The ball skills of Zion Harmon (Glory) and McPhatter, the shooting of Domingus Stephens (Glory) and Trayden Williams, and the battles that are going to occur in space will be talked about for weeks to come.  This is the type of game we have seen Harmon put up some big numbers in and we expect nothing less; the only difference is these guys can dish as much as they take.  This is rated A+ for the anticipated excitement only; the scoreboard is important to of course.

What to Look for this Weekend in 2019 Class:

Nobel Days
CP3 v Butler Elite – Looking for precision? Love well coached players and teams? Want to fundamental basketball play on the elite level?  Make sure you are court side for this.  Two of the best frontcourt players in the country will square off as Nobel Days 6’9 from Butler Elite goes toe to toe with 6’6 Wendell Moore of CP3.  Throw in Mike Green CP3 who is one of the purest shooters in the country at any level and we have some real nice inside out play here.  Both teams are very cerebral in their approach; Butler Elite is a newer team whereas CP3 has been together for a longer time and competed in high-level games before.  If Butler can remain poises and collectively believes, this game will be a lot closer than many would think.

Rowan Barrett
CP3 v Brampton Warriors – This game on paper ranks as possibly the best one of the weekend; the NYBL has so many; but this one is going to be special.  Multiple top 20 nationally ranked players on the floor at the same time, above the rim play, and through in a little international flair as one of Canada’s best goes head up with one of America’s best.  Moore without question is one of the best frontline/interior players in the country; but Brampton’s Rowan Barrett is a likely future pro.  Barrett is all-world and next level and carries himself as such, he approaches the game like a pro already doing whatever it takes for his team to win during that given game.  The tacticians with CP3 have seen it all before and have stopped other great players – the question is has CP3 ever seen anyone like Barrett before? Unlikely, but likely will be fun to watch and find out.

Scottie Lewis
Team Rio National v Texas Express Elite – Texas Express has size and athleticism at almost every position, but the most athletic player may be Scottie Lewis of Team Rio.  If you like above the rim play where the paint is off limits to those that don’t wear their big boy shorts – you will fixated on this game.  The contrast of the physical nature of the deep southern game vs the spacing and slashing of the upper north east grow could be a barber shop debate within itself.  The joy is we will get an answer as to which will prevail.  Express has been where Rio wants to go, this is a game that take Rio one step closer to proving they belong in this conversation.  As well, this game could also be an indicator of how far they have to go if not played right.  Game has some blowout potential pay very close attention to the starts and ends of quarters we believe this is where the game will ultimately be decided.

Brian "BJ" Mack
Team United v Butler Elite – Been waiting for this one all season! Brian “BJ” Mack vs Nobal Days 6’7 v 6’9.  Two of the best back to the basket postmen in the country, two of the strongest rebounders – just throw the ball out there and let them two play one on one in the paint!  Stregth on strength with this one ladies in gentlemen.  Expect a grind it out battle as the spacing on the court will shrink due to the player size.  This match up will go a long way to establishing supremacy on the ranking board and bragging rights.  Team United had a tough go of it last session and would not like anything more than to spoil the progress Butler Elite has made.  Both teams come in 7-3 with a chance to get in that first place conversation, only one will leave happy.  JC Tharrington who is way more than just a shooter may be the X-Factor that TU needs to pull this out as Ewing & Olajuwon – oh we mean Mack & Days will likely even each other out.

Team Takeover v Texas Express Elite – This is what you come out for, the storied Takeover program with added size, athleticism, and quickness looks poised to make its run in the league.  Healthy and confident, Terrance Williams now has a mirror image of effectiveness in the post with Cole Matthiesen – both can score and finish effectively and both pass very well out of the block area, Express can’t double both and it will be a challenge to stop each of them man to man.  With the recent shooting of Tyler Brelsford defenses have been paying a hefty price for leaving him open.  Heath and Etoh have a chance on the wing to make an impact.  Chris Harris and Tyrese Maxi are likely tired of everyone else being talked about as they go into each game with teams looking to measure themselves against them; this time Express can go in and see where they stack up because this will be the best and healthiest has ever been this season; the name is recognized and Express will be ready.  

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