Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NYBL - LBC The best kept Secret in 2020 Class

The 2020 Class at the NYBL has been true to form throughout the season – the top players have produced as expected.  Yet there is a guy or two out there that may have been forgotten; don’t blame yourselves there is a good reason; injuries and absences in the early session but we must acknowledge these special young men because they no doubt deserve it.  Making a splash in the NYBL is no small task but these stars from the Leesburg Basketball Club out of Virginia. 

Meet Jeremy Roach 

 Roach is a pure scoring machine with a sleek body for the backcourt. He attacks the rim in straight lines, absorbs contact without problem, and gets himself to the free-throw line in high volume. He's absolutely lethal in the open court and also an excellent finisher who combines power, sneaky athleticism, balance, and an extremely high basketball IQ.  Jeremy is an excellent shooter with three point range mostly off the catch but can make scoring plays off the dribble as well. He can spot up on the break and can come off screens with excellent precision.  We really like his ability when a play breaks down to take the offense into his hands and make something positive happen for himself or his teammates.  

Meet Chuck Harris 

Harris is a long and lean wing that is very productive and competes on both ends of the floor. He has Harris  can also can hit the open 3-point and likes to post and is very effective at it.  With his game there isn't one particular item that jumps off the page. Rather, it's a culmination of a number of factors. Let's start with his basketball IQ.  Chuck has innate feel and sees the floor well. It comes as no surprise that he's an accomplished passer and will set up a teammate for score just as quickly as he will dominate the man in front of him!
an excellent mid-range game. He knocks down mid-range jumpers off the catch or dribble and is a very underrated driver/slasher.

These players are a microcosm of the LBC Team; very unassuming but will gladly lure you to sleep and cut your proverbial throat.  This is a team who is frankly just finding its grove, they were literally two last second shots from completing a 5-0 weekend, losing their two games by a combined 2-point, which they finished with a dominating performance over the Banneker Kings and the two headed monster of Toles and McNeil.   No one wants to  see this group at the next session as they are healthy and operating with great precision, they have size with top big Josiah Hardy who runs the floor, finishes, and defends as well as any big on the league – they have leadership at the point as Will Paige now back from injury too is as steady as they come and finally Jared Cross the LBC Swiss army knife who can give them anything from anywhere that they need.  Once of the best precision offenses, they run it to perfection – it wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone to overlook this group of talented players.

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