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Definition of  a buzzer beater?

"The Shot"

  •          In basketball, a buzzer beater is a shot taken before the game clock at the end of a quarter or end of game clock expires but does not go in the basket until after the clock expires and the buzzer sounds. The term is normally reserved for baskets that beat an end-of-quarter buzzer or an end of game buzzer but are sometimes referred to as shots that beat the shot clock buzzer.

Well folks there is no shot clock in the NYBL and end of quarter action is nice but today this is not the subject matter we are referring to.  In a league composed of the top talent in the country one might think that games are decided early and often – one would be wrong.  Just in Session 3 alone there were many end of game heart-breakers or celebrations depending on what side of the bench you sat on.

For fans and players alike, you must have nerves of steal and ice water in the veins; the inevitable close games are decided by big time teams and big times players playing in big time games – at the middle school level there is absolutely nothing bigger than the NYBL and below is living proof of said fact.

So much high level competition creates many close and competitive games; but in the NYBL the extremes reach a whole new level of excitement – below are the buzzer beating shots that ended games and created memories to last a lifetime all in one weekend.

Highlighted Games:

Team Florida beats Memphis War Eagles 60-59 – Coming out of a timeout a designed post cut by 6’10 Center Balsa Koprovica proved the right call as the center caught the ball back to basket and finished off a right handed power move to secure the win.


Team Teague beats Brampton Warriors 76-73 – In one of the best games of the weekend Team Teague and Brampton went into overtime.  In OT after a late game possession was gained on an offensive rebound, Team Teague pushed the ball into the front court where with no other choice a shot was launched from 23-feet and touched nothing but the bottom of the net to secure a 3-point overtime victory for Team Teague over the 1-loss Brampton Warriors. 

Team United beats George Hill Rising Stars 78-77 – 3 the hard way is always a pleasure to watch.  This game was no different; after pushing the ball into the front court Team United star pivot man Brian “BJ’ Mack flashed to the high-post and received a pass from JC Tharrington.  Turning and facing the basket Mack drove strong side right, absorbed the contact and finished with a acrobatic right handed flip off the glass to tie the game.  He then calmly stepped to the line to complete the 3-point play for the one point victory as time expired on the throw in.

CBC Elite beats Leesburg Basketball Club 49-47 – think Tyes Edney UCLA; ball thrown in, pushed full court, dribble penetration from the top of the key - defense steps up and guard finds open man on block who quickly throws up bank shot as clock expires.  Controversy  1) in the backcourt? 2) Travel on the drive 3) shot off before buzzer?  No call basket good game over and heart-breaker for Leesburg who lost two games by a total of 3-points all weekend long!  Just typical NYBL Ball!

If you thought that was all – you would be wrong here are 3 additional buzzer beating performances – it would be a whole other article regarding the buzzer beater attempted and missed.  Yes, we know this is unbelievable that the games are this close and these are only the winners.  As we said above NYBL is without question FANTASTIC!

 These 3-games also warmed and broke hearts at the same time!

Arkansas Warriors beats 6th Man Warriors 56-55
Upstate Elite beats Texas Express Elite 46-45
DC Assault beats Arkansas Warriors 65-63

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