Friday, May 2, 2014

Morrow vs Toles Match Up - What Dreams are Made of

This weekend in the nationally renowned NYBL the top Middle School League in the country a dream matchup that will take place for all to see – a match up all of America has been waiting for in the class of 2020.  Shemar Morrow (OH #1) of the Oakland Soldiers and Jordan Toles (MD #3) of the Banneker Kings will battle for supremacy  The comparison between the two is one that will be made for years to come for a multitude of reasons, namely the fact that these premiere players are the two greatest scorers and perimeters players in the nation.

Morrow and Toles future teammates on the USA National Select team each boast jaw dropping athleticism and skill sets that keep scouts and fans begging for more.  At the 6th grade level both of these players are capable of dominating on both ends of the court; each is already dunking and each own a collection of video highlights (below) that would make ESPN proud. Scoring outburst at their current level is common place and one can only hope that a dual for the ages breaks out this weekend in the NYBL!

How do they do it? Let me count the ways…both players are devastating in space and each can handle the rock well enough to run the lead guard position for their respective teams.  The 3-point shot is also a viable tool for each of these young prodigies; both shoot it well and with range.  Where they are next level good is in the transition game where they are virtually unstoppable as a lane fillers or with the ball in their hands.  They finish at the rim already and challenge the defense the entire possession.

Please be advised that the excitement doesn’t simply apply to the offensive end; both players thrive and enjoy dominating on the defensive end too.  The “chase down shot block” made popular by the NBA’s premier superstar Lebron James has been adopted by both these phenoms – and is put to use often to the chagrin of offensive victims. In no way shape or form should either of these players be considered one dimensional scorers as they play both ends equally as well, which includes playing the passing lanes like a high level defensive back.

Rebounding; well sometime it’s just unfair, both regularly lead their respective teams in this category posting double doubles at a rate comparable to Kevin Love.   Watching them work in this facet is amazing as they often, maybe even without their own knowledge, grab balls literally off the rim or above it starting what is sometimes a highly effective one man fast break.  There is no one in their class that can stop them one on one and they must be respected anywhere on the floor with or without the ball in their hands.

Coach Francis, who has coached both these players on the National level stated that “…in the barbershops across the country for years folks have argued Bird or Magic, Kobe or MJ, and now Lebron or Durant well, at the middle school level it's Morrow or Toles; just like the other three combinations there is no wrong answer each of these guys can boogie and you can’t go wrong with selecting either of them”.  Hence the beauty in this discussion, both these kids are winners and both have ultra-bright futures ahead of them.  Not just great players both are team oriented quality kids who love to pass, interact with teammates, and eat a steady diet of humble pie.  Their work ethics and will to win are inspiring to those who love the game and it will be on exhibit  for those lucky of enough to be in Atlanta this weekend to enjoy their first match-up. It will be a special opportunity for those in attendance without a doubt. 

Those who can’t get enough of Morrow and Toles can look forward to seeing them together as the USA National Select team announced ( their paring as teammates in July at the USBA National Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC.  What else could anyone who loves basketball ask for – thank you to Rob Taylor and Jerry Love for creating these opportunities for all the basketball junkies; someone pinch me because Morrow and Toles together on the same court in any capacity is a dream come true. Click photos to check out highlight video's - after tweet Toles or Morrow to @p2bball using #P2ballers

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