Monday, May 19, 2014

Kyle Rode Interveiw - NYBL Welcome to his City!

Kyle Rode

When you play in a league such as the NYBL its easy get overlooked – Kyle Rode’s play made sure that it won’t be him.  Rode of George Hill Rising Stars out of Indiana is a player whose game speaks for itself.  Kyle is one of the most versatile players in the league; in a single session we have seen his not only play but guard 4 to 5 positions.  His versatility and functionality at various positions is extremely impressive; he exhibited 3-point range and finishing ability off the bounce. Combined with solid board work and passing skills he is a player that all coaches would want on their team and any player would want to play with – at 6’5 its clear Kyle Rode’s future is a bright one.

We sat down with Kyle to find out a little more about him and his development.

Prolific Performance:  Where are you from?
Kyle Rode:  I live in Kentucky 

Prolific Performance:  Who would you say is the most influential person in your life?
Kyle Rode:  I would say my mother – she is both my mom and my dad

Prolific Performance:  We have seen you play a lot of different positions this weekend, where do you feel you’re the most effective?
Kyle Rode:  I feel most comfortable at the 3 spot; I can do lots of things to help my team from this position.

Prolific Performance:  What player do you model your game after?
Kyle Rode:  I feel that my game most closely compares to Kyle Anderson 

Prolific Performance:  What do you feel is your biggest strength or asset as a player?
Kyle Rode: I feel my best asset is my leadership 

Prolific Performance:  How about your greatest weakness?
Kyle Rode:  My weakness…my quickness; but I am working hard to improve that

Prolific Performance:  Where do you seen yourself 5 years from now?
Kyle Rode: Play High School Basketball at a high level preparing for a college scholarship

Prolific Performance:  What do you think of the competition in the NYBL?
Kyle Rode:  There isn’t anything better anywhere

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