Friday, May 2, 2014

Jalen Newhouse - Never to Young to Shine in California

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One of our specialties is finding top ranked players at all age levels and projecting them at the earliest age possible – our success has a proven long tenured track record and we have found another P2 phenomenon that will be a household name before its said and done.  Out of Sacramento, California America meet Jalen Newhouse.  For those that don’t believe please check out his video and dare to tell us we are wrong – he is 2023, a 3rd grade for those who may be confused!

Jalen is a natural two that can also play the lead guard position; he shows an uncanny and amazing ability for his age to score off the catch or dribble with a shot that extends out to three point range. We love his moves on moves that he uses to create his own shot; rarely forcing anything.  An excellent decision maker with the ball, he is being trained exclusively by his dad and already is able to read and work off ball screens and picks.  His wide array of offensive moves are accentuated with the strong off hand that makes him very hard to guard in space or tight quarters; in studying his game his dominant hand is hard to decipher another next level trait for a player so young– again remember 3rd grade here.   

We can clearly tell that this player is a top player in this class, and will remain such for the immediate future, Newhouse is one to watch in the coming years.  Unbelievably he too has already been contacted by the USA National Select team showing their coast to coast ability and the depth of their program knowledge to find such a gem at such a young age; we too in this instance certify Newhouse as 100% legit and the real deal in 2023.


  1. Congrats Newhouse much deserved recognition of your dedication, sacrifice and hard work on and off the floor! This is one of many great things to come your way! Keep up the good work!

    Coach Aaron

  2. Congrats J. New!!! We are extremely proud of you!!! keep up the good work!!

    Alegra (James Mom)

  3. Congrats nephew.....auntie so proud of you. Keep working hard.

  4. Congrats Newhouse, well deserved. Keep up the good work!!

    Nina (Jimmy's mom)

  5. Great job.
    Keep working hard and continue to have fun
    Kameka (Mahlik's mom)

  6. Awesome article. Congratulations Newhouse on this recognition, you are truly deserving of it. Keep up the great work.
    Michelle (Mehki's mom)

  7. Congrats nephew, & coach dad the hard work is paying off. Continue to work on yo game every day. Sky is the limit.

  8. So proud of you AND your family!! I love to see the love and devotion you have put into YOUR sport. Much love and respect~ Tina

  9. Congratulations off top nephew. That is a wonderful accomplishment to be recognized as the next best thing exclusively trained by dad. I am going to show this to my daughter and hopefully she'll let me coach/teach her more. Good job Newhouse! Miss you guys and being a part of all that!