Monday, May 26, 2014

Exclusive Membership to NYBL Scorers Club – Only Real Players Need Apply

There's nothing as good as watching a pure scorer do their thing, especially at the youth level.
Pure scorers make things look easy on a daily basis. These young men can finish at the rim but they can also take their games out to the perimeter and do everything in between you want and need.
We also enjoy the power game here, so big men who dominate the paint also make the list. A smooth-looking jumper isn’t a necessity here but it sure helps, what will also get it done is the ability to pretty much score from anywhere on the floor.

There are three level of Membership to the NYBL Scorers Club:

Platinum Membership – Players who have exceed the 30-point total
Gold Membership – Players who have exceeded the 25-point total
Silver Membership – Players who have exceeded the 20-point total
Bronze Membership – Players who have exceed the 15-point total

All these players during Session 3 of the NYL made scoring look effortless.

*Denotes multiple membership at that scoring/membership level

Platinum Club Members - 2019
Joe Jones-Upstate Elite-35 points vs Lexington Hustle
Balsa Koprivica-Team Florida-33 points vs Lexington Hustle
Evan Johnson-Carolina Chaos-30 points vs Butler Elite
Branton McCray-Arkansas Soldierz 30 points vs Acd. Prep Hawks

Platinum Club Members - 2020
Chase Elliott-Worldwide Wildcats-31 pts vs CBC Elite

Gold Club Members – 2019
*Rowan Barrett Jr. Brampton Warriors-29 points vs Team CP3
*Rowan Barrett Jr. Brampton Warriors-25 vs Team Teague
Jordan Hairston-DC Assault 29 points vs Taylormade
Isaiah Watson-Carolina Chaos- 28 points vs CKY Storm
Branton McCray-Arkansas Soldierz-28 points vs DC Assault
Willie Jackson-Team Teague-28 points vs TNBC
Mike Mareno-Team Teague-28 points vs TNBC

Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams-Team Takeover-27 points vs Arkansas Wings
Joe Jones-Upstate Elite-26 points vs Texas Express
Tyrese Maxey-Texas Express-26 points vs Team Takeover
Myles Pierre-Charlotte Rivals 26 Points vs Team Teague
Tyron Lott-Upstate Elite-26 points vs DC Assault
Shawn Fudge-Arkansas Wings-26 points vs Team Takeover
Korbin Spencer-Team Teague-25 Points vs Brampton Warriors

Gold Club Members - 2020
Zion Harmon
*Shemar Morrow-Oakland Solders-29 points vs Mansfield Cavs
*Shemar Morrow-Oakland Solders-26 points vs Taylormade
*Zion Harmon Team Glory- 27 points vs CBC Elite points
*Zion Harmon Team Glory- 26 points vs Carolina Kings &
*Zion Harmon Team Glory- 25 pts vs Worldwide Wildcats
A. Norman God Fist Crusaders-28 points
Jordan Toles-Banneker Kings-25 points vs Leesburg Bball Club

Silver Club Members – 2019
Chris Hinton-Reach Higher Kings-24 points vs Butler Elite
Tyrese Maxey-Texas Express-24 points vs Team Florida
Jaymeir Garrett-6th Man Warriors- 24 points vs Arkansas Wings
Isaiah Moseley-Northern Kings-24 points vs TNBC
Isaiah Moseley
Myles Pierre-Charlotte Rivals-23 points vs KYWA Magic
Hunter Med-Taylormade- 22 points vs Team Takeover
*Dexter Shouse-George Hill-22 points vs Charlotte Royals  
*Dexter Shouse-George Hill-20 pts vs 6th Man Warriors
Dominc Nealy-DC Assault-22 points vs Arkansas Wings
*Mike Mareno-Team Teague-22 points vs Charlotte Rivals
*Mike Mareno-Team Teague -21 points vs Team United
*Mike Mareno-Team Teague-20 points vs Brampton Warriors
Mike (LNU)-22 points vs KYWA Magic
Chris Hinton-Reach Higher Kings-21 points vs Northern Kings
Quinn Cafferty-Butler Elite-21 points (Team Unknown)
Miekeal Jones-Team Rio Elite-21 points vs Memphis War Eagles
Devon Barns-Reach Higher Kings-21 points vs KYWA Magic
CA’Marr Meyers-CKY Storm 21 points vs Charlotte Rivals
Bryan Sanders-Team Florida-21 points vs Memphis War Eagles
Jerred Towsend-Butler Elite-20 points vs Reach Higher Kings
Tyron Lott-Upstate Elite-20 Points vs Memphis Wareagles
Bryan Sanders-Team Florida-20 points vs Memphis Prep
Dee Merriweather-Memphis WarEagles-20 points vs Tm Florida
Chris Harris-Texas express-20 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Evan Johnson-Carolina Chaos-20 points vs Brampton Warriors
JC Tharington-Team United-20 points vs George Hill
Wendell Moore-Team CP3-20 points vs George Hill
Michael Christmas-Academy Prep Hawks-20 points vs Arkansas Warriors
Branton McCray-Arkansas Soldierz 20 points vs Team Takeover

Isaiah LeBlanc
Silver Club Members – 2020
James Taylor-Taylormade-22 points vs Oakland Solders
Kyree Walker-Oakland Solders- 21 points vs Taylormade
Chuck Harris-Leesburg Bball Club-21 points
Darius Myles-Team Glory- 21 points vs Carolina Kings
Dylan Dupina-Oak. Soldiers-20 points vs Mississauga Knights & 17
Domingus Stevens-Team Glory-20 points vs CKY Magic
George Miller-Carolina Kings - 20 points vs Team Glory
*Isaiah LeBlanc-God First Crusaders- 20 points vs Brampton
*Isaiah LeBlanc-God First Crusaders- 20 points vs Mississauga Knights

Bronze Club Members – 2019
Korbin Spencer

Cartier Jernigan-Team United-19 points vs George Hill
Kyle Rode-George Hill-19 points vs Team United
Dexter Shouse-George Hill-19 points vs Team United
Korbin Spencer-Team Teague-19 points vs Charlotte Rivals
Korbin Spencer-Team Teague-18 points vs Team United
Vincent Guy-Memphis Prep 19 points vs DC United
Darrion Farrar-Memphis Prep-19 points vs DC United
*Brian Antoine-Team Rio-19 points vs Memphis Prep &
*Brian Antoine-Team Rio-16 points vs Arkansas Soldierz
Wendell Moore-Team CP3-18 points vs Team Teague

Myles Pierre

Myles Pierre-Charlotte Rivals-18 points vs CKY Storm             
Michael Green-Team CP3- 18 points vs Brampton Warriors
Ryan Brooks-DC United-18 points vs Lexington Hustle
Dee Merriweather-Memphis Prep-18 points vs Upstate Elite
Rowan Barrett Jr.-Brampton Warriors-17 points vs CKY Storm
Ian Lee-Northern Kings-17 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Damory Sanders-Carolina Chaos-17 points vs Butler Elite
Diablo Stewart-Lexington Hustle-17 points vs DC United
Wendall Moore
Wendell Moore-Team CP3-19 points vs Northern Kings
Wendell Moore-Team CP3-17 points vs Brampton Warriors
Elijah Hicks-6th Man Warriors-17 points vs Lexington Hustle
Elijah Hicks-6th Man Warriors-17 points vs Memphis Prep
Jaymier Garrett-6th Man Warriors-17 points vs Lexington Hustle
Jayden Mason-Reach Higher Kings-17 points vs CKY Storm
Hunter M. Taylormade-17 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
*Michael Christmas-Academy Prep Hawks-17 points vs Tmade  
*Michael Christmas-Academy Prep Hawks 19 points vs Northern Kings

Simon Banks-George Hill-17 points vs Carolina Chaos
Anthony Edwards-TNBC-17 points vs Team Teague
Eric Beckett-Northern Kings-16 points vs Academy Prep Hawks
Isaiah Moseley-Northern Kings-16 points vs Reach Higher Kings
Kobe Langly-Team CP3-16 points vs Northern Kings
Bryan Sanders-Team Florida-16 Points vs Texas Express
Korbin Spencer Team Teague-16 points vs Team CP3
Sydney Curry-George Hill-16 points vs 6th Man Warriors
DJ Jefferies-Memphis war Eagles-16 points vs Team Takeover
Bryan Sanders
Kyle Sturdeveant-Memphis War Eagles-16 points vs DC Assault  
Kyle Sturdeveant-Memphis War Eagles 16 points vs Upstate Elite
J. Yates-TNBC-16 points vs KYWA Magic
Q.Richey-TNBC-16 points vs KYWA Magic
Jay Heath-Team Takeover-16 points vs Taylormade
Terrance Williams-Team Takeover- 16 points vs Taylormade
Tyrese Maxey-Texas Express-16 points vs Upstate Elite
Chris Harris-Texas Express-16 points vs Upstate Elite
Cole Mathieson-Team Takeover-16 points vs Taylormade
R. Jackson-KYWA Magic-16 points vs DC United
Kendell Bynum-Academy Prep Hawks-15 points vs Northern Kings
Cameron Byers-6th Man Warriors-16 points vs Memphis Prep
Cameron Beyers
Tayvon Chandler-Land-Academy Prep Hawks-15 points vs Northern Kings
Devon Barnes-Reach Higher Kings-15 points vs Northern Kings
Octavius Coles-Carolina Chaos-15 points vs George Hill
James Taylor-Taylormade 15 points vs DC Assault
Isaiah Moore-George Hill-15 points vs Charlotte Rivals
Qunn Cafferty-Butler Elite-15 points vs Team United
Tayvion Chandler-Land-Academy Prep Hawks-15 points vs Arkansas Soldierz
*Balsa Koprivica-Team Florida-15 points vs Memphis Prep  
*Balsa Koprivica-Team Florida-15 points vs Texas Express

Bronze Club Members – 2020
Shemar Morrow
Chase Elliott-Worldwide Wildcats-19 pts vs Leesburg Bball Club
Zion Harmon Team Glory- 18 points vs GHITP
Shemar Morrow-Oakland Solders-19 vs Flints Finest
Shemar Morrow-Oakland Solders-16 points vs Mississauga Knights
A.Norman God Fist Crusaders-18 points vs Flints Finest
Jordan Toles-Banneker Kings-15 point vs CBC Elite
Kyree Walker-Oakland Solders- 19 points vs Mansfield Cavs
Chuck Harris-Leesburg Bball Club-16 points vs Worldwide
Dylan Dupina-Oak. Soldiers-17 points  vs Mansfield Cavs
Isaiah LeBlanc-God First Crusaders- 19 points vs Flints Finest

*Deivon Smith-Worldwide Wildcats-19 points vs Leesburg Bball Club
*Deivon Smith-Worldwide Wildcats 15 pts vs GHITP
*Hobby Ross-Carolina Kings-19 points vs GHINTP Gators
*Hobby Ross-Carolina Kings-15 points vs Banneker Kings
Chris Ford-CBC Elite-19 Points vs GHITP Gators
Montez McNeil
Jordan Toles-Banneker Kings-18 points vs Worldwide Wildcats
Jordan Toles-Banneker Kings-17 points vs Carolina Kings
*Montez McNeil-Banneker Kings-18 points vs (Team Unknown)
*Montez McNeil-Banneker Kings-17 points vs CBC Elite
*Montez McNeil-Banneker Kings-15 points vs Carolina Kings
Joshua Hemmings-Brampton Warriors-18 points vs Flints Finest
C. Batts-Enplay Elite-17 Points vs Flints Finest
Jeremy Roach-Leesburg Bball Club-17 points vs Banneker Kings
Shawn Lane-Brampton Warriors-17 Points vs God First Crusaders
Luke Stankavage-CBC Elite-16 Points vs GHITP Gators
Chance Mott-Mansfield Cavs-16 Points vs God First Crusaders
Chance Mott-Mansfield Cavs-15 Points vs Flints Finest
Garrett Johnson-Leesburg Bball Club-16 points vs Worldwide Wildcats
Rico Harris-Flints Finest-16 points vs Oakland Soldiers
Jacorrel Turner-Worldwide Wildcats-16 points vs GHITP Gators
Dallas Rufus-GHITP Gators-16 points vs CBC Elite
Makhi White-GHITP Gators-15 points vs Carolina Kings

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